WIP Wednesday W(r)eturn

I have been missing from the Wednesday scene the last few months? Who knows how long. First I wasn’t really knitting and then I just didn’t take time to prepare posts when I had gotten back in the swing. I am still not fully swinging, but anything is better than no knitting!

projects for me

This is the result of going into a yarn shop. I really MUST stop going to shady places like this. I always seem to get into trouble. The addiction kicks in and I fall down in my struggle to remain drug crack yarn free. But only half of this is mine. And it doesn’t show the blocking, um, blocks, I also got.

In the lower left corner we have Araucania Huasco in two colorways. I am going to reprise my Cladonia for a shop sample/class. The variegated will be used for the body and the semi solid will be the border. We were able to put together 5 combos with the semi solid/variegated options she had. So excited to see how this will knit up.

On the right side we have more Berroco Comfort DK. Love this stuff for baby items. And that’s what is started. I am doing an Elf hat for a babe coming in December. She will really be an “elf” as her initials will spell out ELF. So of course she must have an Santa’s Elf styled hat. This one will have a small roll brim with a bit of ribbing before changing colors to be striped red and white. I will then end with a green top knot at the point. I also hope to have enough of the green leftover to make this cute elf hat.

Hoping to get these two hats done before my sister and CG head back to Indy after Thanksgiving. The babe’s mom is an adopted daughter my sister has. She is actually the nail tech my sister goes to, that has become a close friend. She’s practically family!

Other than this I am still working on the cardigan, close to casting off first sleeve, and have let the hat and cabled shawl fall by the wayside. But I know I will get back to them when the baby knitting is done. I also plan to do a sweater and blanket for a Feb baby. My first great niece!!! Just wish they weren’t so far away in North Carolina!!!

OK, off to Tami’s you go. Check out all the fun projects going on in the craft world!


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday W(r)eturn

  1. But only half of this is mine…that’s what all addicts say, LOL! Looks like you are back in the swing of it again. I love the pairing of the variegated and semi-solid yarns for Cladonia. Can’t wait to see how it progresses. Plus an elf hat for baby ELF sounds perfectly adorable.

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