November Recap

How can it already be the end of November??? I am so not ready for the end of this year. Definitely not ready for Christmas. But then, I never am. I never go shopping until the week or so before Christmas, so not really a scare there. We actually decorated on Friday, so that’s not an issue there. I guess it’s just because I know Christmas means the end of the year is so close. And 9 days later, I turn another year older!!!! Yeah, that’s what it is.

November was a very productive month.

Stash Knit: 1232 yards and 6 skeins
Donated: 726 yards and 4 skeins
Total removed from stash:
1958 yards and 10 skeins!!!
Stash Added: Do I have to confess? 1871 yards and 10 skeins
Difference: Only 87 more yards knit than bought
Even on skeins

YTD totals:

Stash Knit: 16448 yards 93 skeins
Stash Added: 15,423 yards and 95 skeins
Difference: 1025 less yards, but 2 more skeins

To ensure I end 2013 with LESS yarn than I started with, I need to knit up 218 yards and use up 8 skeins while doing it. Hmmm, the 218 is easy peasy. Well, as long as I don’t buy anymore yarn. But the 8 skeins? Only if the skeins I use up are less than 30 yards!

Now for the reveal. Obviously, this month was all about hats. But I swear, I did knit on items not hats!


And now, for the goals:

Since I made no plans for November, I have no comparison to make. I did want to finish the shawl, check; make the cowl and headband. check; and knew I needed three of the hats done by Thanksgiving, check! But the other items were unplanned and just fluff.

December Goals:

  • Finish the Un-Shapely Boyfriend Cardigan
  • Work on the Girasole Baby Blanket that I started on Thanksgiving
  • Finish the Fair Isle Hat that’s in progress
  • Work more repeats on the Cable Shawl that is languishing
  • My Aunt requested a cowl so I am making a shorter Burberry inspired one
  • My SIL requested some boot cuffs in Fairisle

Seeing that December is such a busy month, I don’t need the pressure on myself. But none of these are needed immediately. 2 are for me, the baby blanket is needed in Feb, and the rest can be done whenever.

All in all, I am happier with my output this month. But not at all pleased with the input! LOL. I should have just waited to buy the baby blanket yarn in 2014. Ah well, it’s not life or death. But I really was hoping to do better this year in NOT buying yarn! So far I have bought 3429 more yards, 26 more skeins, and spent $160 more than last year. But that’s it! I am done buying. I hope!


2 thoughts on “November Recap

  1. those are some great November projects!
    I’m a beginning knitter interested in trying headbands. What pattern did you use? Any that you would recommend for beginners?

  2. You have been a busy girl! I’m sure you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I have projects that are nearly finished and more to cast on but all of them are quick knits so I’m sure I’ll be done in time.

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