Being Thankful

I know we just came off a “thankful” holiday, and I was very thankful for the family and friends we got to be with over the holiday. But I am doubly thankful for the ER Drs and nurses of one of the local hospitals. Sunday morning at 7:00 am I got a phone call. When I saw it was my sister, in town for the holiday, I knew something was wrong.

She told me that Mom had to take my Dad in to the ER for chest pain and shortness of breath. From 3:00 AM to about 10:30 AM Mom watched as the meds brought down his heart rate from 200 to a more steady range around 100. Eek! Finally the Dr was in and with College Girl, the pre-med student, on hand to translate for my Mom, we found out he is in A-Fib. The Dr says it is common in folks his age and is treatable. No worries about losing him. If he doesn’t fully respond to the meds they will do an echocardiogram to see if there is still blood in the valve. They will then shock him. A younger friend’s husband has been shocked 15 times!! Eek, not sure I could survive married to someone who had to go through it often.

By the time most read this he will likely be doing better and hopefully can go home on Tuesday, if not Monday. But if not, I have my knitting on hand and will be prepared no matter what. Heading back out in a few hours to sit with Mom while he rests. Prayers would be most appreciated!!! This has Diva Girl shook up something terrible. She couldn’t even go in the room, and when she did, he was spitting up some mucus, so she freaked out even more and was sobbing as she ran from the room. Poor thing, she is so sensitive. And of course, CG is just eating it all up. She is sensitive, but steady in this kind of a situation. Of course, it is fascinating to her. DG has never liked hospitals, nursing homes, or funeral homes. So keep Dad, Mom and DG in your thoughts. Thank you!!!


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