Stop the World, I want off for a bit

Woke up at 4:30am to Diva Girl in pain. She was having severe pain along her right side. Took her temp, gave her advil, put her in our bed and lay next to her while she tossed and turned and arched her back trying to avoid the pain. Called the Dr as soon as they opened and had her in there 30 minutes later. Poked and prodded, ruled out a possible appendix attack. Urine sample was fine, so off for blood work and ultrasound.

They had trouble finding a vein, tried both arms and then tried her hand. Very little blood flow. During the blood letting she passed out. It was likely due to lack of food for the past 24 hours, her cold-which is why she lacked food, lack of sleep, and the stress from the weekend with her grandpa being in the hospital. Hmm, except for the cold I should have passed out too.

Freaked me out. Took 4 nurses to try and revive her. They kept telling me to say her name, and she would barely open her eyes. At one point she wouldn’t respond at all. The tech doing her blood took a wipe and waved it under her nose. No response, did it again and she finally responded. Got her to a cot and once down she came around, but was out of it.

Finally they pricked her finger and they got enough blood. Then off to ultrasound, in a wheel chair, where they sounded her entire abdomen and pelvis. Now home and waiting for the Dr to call with results.

When we left the Dr’s office this morning they told her no food until after ultrasound. She tried to angle for a milkshake, but they said no. Just like her grandpa. Last night after his procedure he was back in his room demanding a milkshake, apple pie, and cherry jello. We tried to convince him to eat food and just have a milkshake, but he got mad at us when they brought him spaghetti and mashed potatoes. They brought a strawberry milkshake by mistake. He kept fussing until the nurse told us he could have apple pie too. LOL! I guess being almost 83 gets you some perks.

I’m tired, I going back to bed!

Update: Dr’s office called, it’s a Simple Ovarion Cyst. Dr prescribed ibuprofen and heating pad. I have been Binging info on it to better understand. So thankful it wasn’t something worse.


6 thoughts on “Stop the World, I want off for a bit

  1. Well it looks like you’re getting all your drama at once:( I’ll think good thoughts and hope everything in your life gets back to normal quickly:)

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