FO Friday

I got nothing, no sly title, no turn of a phrase. I am out of juice and out of wit. Good thing I had some FOs saved up from previous weeks. Otherwise I really would have nothing!

College Girl found out that her college’s city is a little colder than our home town. And we are only a bit over 2 hours southwest of her. But colder it is. So she requested a cowl and headband to wear with her new winter jacket. And Momma was happy to oblige.

A cowl was easy to find, Thirty-Eight has a little bit of pattern, but nothing to tax my brain. It actually went very quick. And then I needed to find a headband to match. Well, nothing was found, so I just made it up as I went along. Duplicated the ribbing and seed stitch, but added another band of ribbing and you end up with a set. Diva Girl is modeling her sister’s set, since CG was not yet home from school to show it off.

casey in cowl

The cowl is Ella Rae Classic Chunky Superwash. The headband is Ella Rae Classic Worsted Superwash. The grays are not an exact match, but close enough. Hoping they keep my CG warm as the cold winds blow and she walks across campus.

Diva Girl is almost back to normal. Still some residual pain in her abdomen and still a head cold. But no more passing out! Scared me for sure. My dad is home and settling in. He will be taking shots to prepare his body for the Coumadin he will be taking. Hoping Mom sticks close to him while we see how his heart works. I finally hit a brick wall after running all day Wednesday and after the stress of the previous 3 days. I do not want another week like this any time soon.

I pray you aren’t not in the middle of a week like that. So, take care and head over to Tami’s and Wonder’s to see the other lovelies of the week. Then check back next week for winter dance photos of Diva Girl and her Beau.


6 thoughts on “FO Friday

  1. The cowl and headband are wonderful! I think they tend to build colleges in windy spots. H’s was on a hill and always windy and cooler than everywhere nearby.
    I’m glad everyone is on the mend. It’s a huge relief I’m sure.

  2. What a stylish looking cowl and headband set. Great job coming up with the headband pattern. I don’t really wear hats, but seeing how great Diva Girl looks in this picture, I might have to give headbands a try. So happy to hear that she is feeling better and that your dad is home.

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