Send Help!

Cooper and snow Poor pup has a cold face. I would estimate we have well over 10 inches at this time. Just holding out hope they do not postpone tomorrow’s night dance for Diva Girl’s high school.

I think about half of the schools have their dances tomorrow night. A friend pointed out if they wait too late to make the call, a lot of hair appointments and restaurant reservations are going to be cancelled last minute. Or wasted because they waited to long to call it off. DG has hair at 12:00, but it’s with her cousin at the salon, so I don’t think she would kill us if we cancel last minute. If they do cancel, we have to keep a manicure looking good for 7 more days!!!LOL

Wait, I think I hear someone snow blowing their driveway. Must run out there to bribe them!!! I have no idea how many people are coming to my house for dance pictures tomorrow night, but I really would like cleared sidewalks and driveway.

Update: Dance postponed, not sure when they will reschedule, so we will just start over when we know. There went a manicure! But it’s better to be safe than sorry. And now I don’t have to worry about a bunch of people coming out to have pictures done in my house. But DG is already angling for the Beau to come over tomorrow since she didn’t get to see him today and they won’t be going to the dance tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Send Help!

  1. I hope they don’t postpone the dance! More importantly I hope that nasty white stuff doesn’t come my way. Poor pup all cold from playing in the nasty white stuff. I bet he’ll sleep good though.

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