Cooper entered this world, I am sure scrapping and playing, on this day 3 years ago. He joined our family 6 weeks later, in a blizzard. So it’s only right that today our world is again covered in snow. And he has had great fun playing in it with his big brother. But only after enjoying his breakfast.

iNDy on left, Cooper on right

I usually scramble up the remaining french toast batter for them, but today they got the whole shebang! And don’t worry, they didn’t have to wait long. I place the food on their snouts and then tell them to wait, wait, and then say OK for them to drop and gobble. Today I kept having to replace the toast as they would not hold “wait”. I was trying to get them placed, wipe off my hands and then get the camera. When I finally said OK, they didn’t move. LOL. I had to say it again and then they went to town.

So, happy Birthday to my little one. He never fails to make us laugh and smile. He has brought joy to our lives, and even gives the old dog a run of fun now and then. Keeps that old man on his toes. Now, to figure out if I want to introduce the pup to sledding. Wonder if my uncle will be mad if I sled on his golf course? Maybe no one will tell him?


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