Friday Fo Fo Fo!

Today’s FOs are a matching set for two adorable girls. They live in Ohio with their mom and dad, so we don’t get to see them often. This year I decided to make the adorable Basque style beret for them. I just love this style. I used Ella Rae Classic Superwash for both, but ran a bit short of the larger hat, so had to fudge. I had leftover bulky from the cowl and headband set I made College Girl, so I pulled out two of the plies to make it closer to worsted. And, it was a little darker, but no problem, I just used it on the brim and alternated rows until I felt I could finish with the worsted.

Annabella Hat 2

Annabella Hat 1

Sophia's Basque hat

I swear they are the same yarn. Just different times of the day the photos were taken. And no amount of blocking would get the bottom hat to relax. Considering I ripped and reknit about 5 times with the same yarn, it was pretty kinked. Just couldn’t get the size right on it. I just hope they are keeping some heads warm in cold northern Ohio right now.

So, how’s your Christmas knitting going? Mine is great since I don’t do any. LOL. I did make a cowl, which will be shown in a few weeks, but it was rejected by the recipient, so I get to keep it myself!!! I can’t wait to show it off.

OK, so head over to Tami’s and Wonder’s and see what other cute winter woolies have been created this week. That is, if any one can show them off. I think the secret Christmas knitting has hit and we are left hanging sometimes. Oh well, we sure will have a lot to see in Jan?


8 thoughts on “Friday Fo Fo Fo!

  1. They look great. And isn’t it funny how two things from the same skein can react differently? The berets look so good, though – I’m sure they’ll be appreciated.

    Normally I go a bit mad making things at Christmas (last year I was finishing one project while the recipient was actually in our house!), but I’ve been quite restrained this year – just one sewing project that should be fairly simple to get done this weekend.

    Famous last words, of course…

  2. Cute hats! I don’t do much gift knitting, Christmas or otherwise. Most people are happy with store bought gifts and I’m happy to spend the time knitting for myself.

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