FO’s for the New Year

Whew! Christmas is over, but only just. Now to prep for New Year’s. We will be going to a friend’s house this year. We usually do New Year’s, but they are giving us a break this year. Won’t enjoy having to get out in the cold though! But at least I can take knitting and not have to be the hostess, so it’s all good.

One of my last FOs of the year is one of my favorites!!! Our niece is expecting in February. And this will be another great-grand-daughter for the family. So excited!!! Just wish they lived closer. So, for her special babe I made a small Girasole. I love it!!! I am so planning to make a full size Girasole out of orange Cascade 220 for myself next year. And maybe a green Girasole Christmas Tree skirt for one of Mom’s many trees.

Camdyn's Girasole Blocking
Ella Rae Classic Superwash

So glad I picked up that set of blocking squares!!!

Camdyn's Girasole 2
Color is somewhere in between the two photos

I hope that Baby C-Chick loves her blanket as much as her big brother C-Man loves his! I even made him a new one because he has destroyed the first one. But no, it’s not good enough. He still loves his first one.

Connor Prairie Blanket 11
Favorite Blanket #1
Connor Two Crib
Not good enough Blanket #2

It just warms your heart to know that a babe has chosen your knitting to be their special blanket. I can claim two “favorite blanket” items I made. Hoping this latest blanket becomes #3. And, I just might have another opportunity to make a “favorite” because we found out on Christmas Eve that the other niece is expected next year too!!! So I will have 4 months in between to make more baby stuff!!! When the family noticed I had teared up at the news they decided I was crying because I was so happy to have another reason to knit stuff! They know me so well.

Now, check out what others are fibering as we finish out the year that was 2013.Wonder can help you find some wonderful projects.


7 thoughts on “FO’s for the New Year

  1. Wowza! Look at these beautiful blankets. I hope the recipient will cherish them forever. I still have and use blankets gifted to me as a child and my daughter loves the blanket given to her as a baby.

  2. Oh, those are lovely …. and you plan to knit so many of them? Wow!
    On the subject of favorites … my Grandma gave my cousin a handmade quilt with Holly Hobby appliques (remember Holly Hobby? I’m old!) and even when she got older and the quilt started falling apart, she wouldn’t let anyone touch it. She was carrying it on trips when she was 20. I took my handmade Grandma quilt with me when I joined the Navy! Never underestimate the power of a handmade item for a grandchild!

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