We attended a funeral last night for the wife of one of Hubster’s team. He has worked with this gentleman, off and on, for 23 years. Last year he came back to the plant to take on a new management position and became EK’s boss. Since that time he has watched as EK struggled to keep his wife alive. She suffered from a lack of nutrient absorption. Her body just could not keep nutrients and proteins. She withered to 70 lbs before her death. She was taken off her feeding tube Dec 6th, and finally passed on Dec 23rd. So sad to lose a loved one at any time of the year, but especially when the holidays are happening. 

And then today I read that a blogger I follow has lost her husband. If wasn’t unexpected, but everything just kind of happened in the last few weeks. Her husband had battled issues for a long time, and they just overcame his body’s ability to survive. Now she is facing life without her other half and will be raising their kids alone. I can’t imagine it. 

Still would appreciate prayers for the two little ones born this year with birth defects. Both are doing extremely well compared to the scenarios that could have happened. Praise God for their current state of health, and pleas for continued progress. 

And finally me. I feel a chest issue coming on and I have to sing a challenging song tomorrow at church. Will be doubling up on cold meds tonight in hopes I avert anything serious. Plus, my mom is battling it too, and we are trying to keep her from going into her 4th bout with pneumonia. 

Some nights it seems there is just too much to pray for. I try to be very specific when praying, but realize some times it just isn’t possible. It’s comforting to know God has this, no matter what it is. 

Thanks! Prayers and blessings go out to all. 


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