2013 in Knitting

Wow, seems like only yesterday I was recapping the 2012 year in knitting. And tomorrow I will give a Dec recap. But today, it’s all about remembering my year in knitting.

So, on Dec 31st 2012 I  had 73,085 yards of yarn on hand contained in 405 skeins.
So, on Dec 31st 2013 I have 73,521 yards of yarn on hand contained in 419 skeins.

I so did not go in the direction I wanted!!! Ended up with 436 more yards than I started with! AND 14 more skeins than I began 2013 with.

But, during the past year of “buying more yarn than I needed” I knit up lots of lovely yarn into lots of lovely items. So my run down of the year of knitting that was 2013 begins.

Connor's Gramps
First Knit of the year Connor’s Gramps

Enjoyed the knitting and the yarn, Berroco Vintage Worsted. The matching hat is Kid’s Cadet.

Reindeer Hats
Last item knit in 2013 Reindeer Hats

These are for a brother/sister pair of darling little ones!

Most favorite knit item of 2013 is going to be a tie, one adult and one baby.

For annabella
Annabella’s sweater set, my fav baby item
Cable resting
Milkweed Capelet, my fav adult knit item

And the least favorite knit item?

Hell Shawl 2
Hated the entire knitting of this piece, but love the end product!!!

So, goals for 2014? Nah, I find I never keep the goals I make*, so why bother at this stage. Just endeavor to knit what I want to knit, enjoy what I am knitting or stop knitting it, and try to use my knitting to brighten the lives of others. Here’s to a bright and beautiful 2014, Happy New year!!!

* 2013’s goal was to have the stash under 60,000 yards!


2 thoughts on “2013 in Knitting

  1. You always make beautiful items. I’ve managed to stash down but only because I gave away a lot of yarn that I will never use. I’ll have to do a post of my items after we get past this week.

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