FO for fun!

We knit in a local shop once a week. There always seems to be something I just have to purchase. LOL. One week I noticed they had an area marked 75% off. Woohoo!!! I got a sweater’s worth of yarn to make a sweater jacket. But that’s not what I have to show today. A lot smaller. I found two balls of Riva from Debbie Bliss. Such soft yarn in pretty colors. Only, they were not the same color. But, they had the same colors, just different shades and depth. I thought, why not just get both and shade from the darker colorway to the lighter. I used the darker skein to start, pulling from the center where the deepest tone was. I had already pulled the center out of the other colorway to see how deep in tone it was. It was a great transition color from the outside of the 1st skein. Had a pattern in mind, but ended up dividing the cast on sts to make it a closer cowl instead of one to be wrapped twice. I didn’t want to cast on too many sts and loose the striping effect. I cast on 104 sts and just knit 2×2 ribbing until I ran out. I love it!!!!

image image

I am wearing it folded in half with the lighter end out. The Big Dog* is wearing it slightly folded with the dark end on top. Here is a flat photo of it blocking to show the color shading. Can you tell where the new skein was joined? Fairly obvious in this photo.

Riva Cowl flat

When it’s on, you don’t even notice it. But right where the red purple ends and the light lavender begins is the change. This yarn is sooo soft!!! I love it. Plan to wear it a lot. And now go see who else has finished something fantastic, fun, and fibery! Wonder, Natural Suburbia, and Tami have the scoop!

*This photo was taken early Dec when we had snow on the ground.


11 thoughts on “FO for fun!

    1. LOL! Yes, Big Dog is very handsome in the cowl isn’t he? He will willingly sit with knits on, the Little Dog? Not so much.

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