WIP Wednesday

I have been WIPping right along the past months, but forgetting to post. So hopefully I will remember to get this posted! And yet, I don’t have a WIP to show, even though I have two from 2013 still active. What I have is elements of the latest WIP turned FO. I am using it to reveal the reason why I don’t like to work with hand dyed, non-uniform yarns. I give you Lime Navy:

Front left of the sweater

Not as noticeable in the flash as it is in person, but the skein used on the collar and button bands has a different color than the body of the sweater. I ran out of the more yellow skeins on the 1st sleeve, so ended up with the last two skeins being bluer. I alternated the skeins on the 1st sleeve, but then had to use the bluer skein on the 2nd sleeve. It’s most obvious when you see the collar and band against the body.

Left sweater sleeve

You can see the different shades of blue on the blob portion. This is where the two skeins were alternated to blend them better.

Right sweater sleeve

This sleeve was done with one of the bluer skeins. But this is just to show how both sleeves ended up with the pooling. Almost in the same exact spot. So obviously this is the stitch count that makes the yarn pool. Even with using two different yarns on the other sleeve I got the pooling.

Oh well, now you know. Hand-dyed, variegated, non-uniform yarns drive me crazy!!! For the same reason I suck at scrap quilting, I am just bad with these types of yarns. Give me striping yarns, I will go to town, and other than spit splicing to get the stripes to match up, will be fine with them. Or tone on tone, with slight variations in color depth. Those don’t bother me at all. But two or three color variegated yarns that I cannot control? ARGH!!!

So, the sweater didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, but at least it’s done and out of my WIP pile. And while it may not be worn out and about, it is perfect for being cozy!!! It is so warm and soft. I can see it being used a lot. And it has my favorite color, limey-chartruesey-neon green! But more on the FO in February. That’s the first chance I will have to FO it, I have posts already scheduled of recent FOs up until Jan 27th. I’ve been busy.

Now, go check out what other’s have been working on this week. Tami’s got the links for you.


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I so sympathize with you. I can get so excited about these beautiful hand dyed yarns and then so disappointed in how they work up. I am pretty much sticking to tonal yarns for a little variation. Happy New Year and stay warm!

  2. The colors are so cool despite the pooling. I usually reserve the ultra variegated yarns for smaller projects. Or pile them away in a plastic bin because I don’t know what to knit them into. Can’t wait to see your parade of FO’s. I am working hard on getting stuff off the needles, too, but not anywhere close to your speed.

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