Boots on the ground Friday FO

Around Thanksgiving my SIL asked for some boot cuffs. She sent a photo of what she wanted and I took it from there. She also requested brown and black tones to match her two new pair of short boots. I knew that Garnstudio would have an answer to my cuff search, and they did, it was just not socks I thought I would be using as a guide. I pulled some charts from the pattern and kept the ruffle. The ruffle at the start was easy, the ending ruffle not so much. Do you realize there is no reverse of a decrease to create the ruffle effect to match the start ruffle. Well, I know now. But I think I fudged it good enough.

Boot cuff for kendra

The cuff is shown on my favorite pair of short boots. I got these at Target ages ago for a steal! And they are my most favorite footwear. Very comfy and fit me perfectly. They are getting very raggedy at this point, but oh well, they now have cachet?

Check with Wisdom for all the fiber fun this Friday.


9 thoughts on “Boots on the ground Friday FO

  1. I am getting ready to make boots cuffs too. Saw a cute cabled pair on Ravelry for tall boots, but I like yours for short boots and these are a great way to use up some nice leftover yarn.

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