The Pretty Princess and her Prince Charming

Finally the Princess got to go to her dance. It was postponed from December due to snow. She was so nervous, having to get the hair done at 9:00 and nails done at 10:30, meant the rest of the day was nerve wracking. She didn’t want to muss the hair, and didn’t want to do chores and get all sweaty. So she sat around and texted or worried. Silly girl, it all came off fine.


Corsage Stairs


She and Prince Charming have been dating for 6 months, exclusively for the last 4 months. They are the goofiest pair of teenagers! But it is nice to hear laughter instead of tears.

They had a great time at the dance, and some more fun hanging out at our house afterwards with friends. Don’t even ask what time I got to bed. Although, the nap I had while they were at the dance helped! Now, to prep for Prom 2014! It’s only 4 months away!!! LOL.


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