WIP Wednesday

In facing the quest of knitting down the stash, I visited the lingering items I started in 2013 but did not finish. Of 5, 2 will be frogged, 1 was just finished and will debut in February for FO Friday, and 2* are still on the needles and very much desired. So I press on with those UFOs.


Autumn Tam is one of those pressing on. I am using the yarn, the tons of Jamieson yarns, leftover from Winter Tam. Not all of the WT colors are used in AT, so I am fudging in the colors I have. I am finally on the last chart before starting the decreases for the crown. It goes so much quicker on the crown! This hat will be living in Louisville, KY when I finish it. A knitting friend moved there last year and she needs it for her walks when it’s cold. The original hat went to live in Tennessee with another knitting friend who also takes a lot of walks. I should take walks myself, but I am just not into it. Plus a hip and knee issue means walking creates pain. I don’t like pain. LOL!

And if I could ever learn to effectively knit and walk, well then maybe I would walk more. But it’s hard to carry a sweater/shawl while walking. Only the very beginning is possible to carry and knit while walking. Maybe I should just walk and knit hats? They are small.

I hope your are WIPping along today. It’s my weekly knit day, so you know I am! Now, go check with Tami to see if anyone else is WIPping away.

*Cable shawl 100

The other WIP I am pressing on with is Cable Shawl. Just love it!! But have to be home and in the mood to work on the cables.


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. The Autumn Tam is looking gorgeous in those colors. Funny how just the other night I was saying to my hubby how I would exercise more if only I could knit while doing it! We must be twins! One of these days I will post a video of my attempt to walk and knit at the same time. If I survive the attempt that is!

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