A Tale Of Two Cowls

OK, not exactly a novel worthy of regard, but some simple cowls that flew off the needles this past year. Yes, I am still documenting knits from the end of 2013.

I had 3 skeins of Noro Iro in subtle shades of blue, gray, and green. Had planned to do a bulky capelet, but decided they needed to be cowls. I split 1 skein in half and planned to knit until the yardage was used up. On the first one I stopped after I used up half of the half skein. Considering it was for a petite person I didn’t want it too deep. So I ended up with this very short GAP-tastic Cowl.

Deb's Cowl

It’s about 7″ deep with a 50″ circumference. Very subtle and woodsy. Looks great with denim. This was gifted to my cousin’s wife at my family’s Christmas Adam celebration, Dec 23rd. It’s the most fun event of the season. Gag gift exchange always gets out of hand.

The second cowl used up the remaining yarn and the other skein and a half. I forgot how many to cast on, so it came out smaller in circumference, but deeper due to the extra yarn. I finished knitting it and gifted it on Christmas Eve. My niece, who announced her July delivery date!!!, received it. The highlight of Christmas Eve was seeing their 2 year old son’s reaction to Santa, who was his grandpa dressed up. He screamed and cried the entire time. He just wanted Santa gone. LOL! After “Santa” left he kept saying “Santa gone?”, to which we assured him “Santa” was gone.

Her jokester husband is a hoot!

Here you can see what happens when you have parts and pieces of a colorway and don’t add them in the right order.

imageOh well, it’s pretty none-the-less. The last picture is truest of the color on my monitor. The top is the least true.

Now, to decide whether I need to buy two more skeins of this colorway at Sheepskeins so I can make one for me? But, there is that desire to not add more yarn to my stash*!, even if I would have plans for it. I still have 3 skeins of Iro in a red/orange/fuchsia colorway.

Now, check in with Creative Friday and Wonder to see other FO’s and Fibering!

* Yeah, no more yarn buying. So how did I end up with 1095 more yards in my stash in 1 weeks time? Hats. The prototypes of which will be debuted next week on FO Friday.


6 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Cowls

  1. The left over yarn would make great stripes in a “turn a square” hat. And you could make yourself a cowl in the other color way. I’m all for supporting not adding to stash. I’ve already bought 5 skeins of yarn in 2014…so clearly I’m not living what I preach. But here have been years that I completely knit from stash…it feels good.

    Live the green cowls and the reindeer hats you posted on fb too.

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