Sometimes it just clicks

Do you know what I am talking about? Sometimes knitting just clicks, and nothing seems to turn it off. I can’t explain it, other than to say, everything goes right. The yarn wants to be a certain item and it works. Nothing seems to go wrong. The gauge works, the drape works, the knitting flows.

I am there right now. I so wish I could figure out why it works so I don’t go back to the dark days. I started knitting in Nov 2000. From that point on I knit every minute I could find. If I was sitting and waiting, I was knitting. Even when I was sitting and doing something, like choir practice, listening to a speaker, or watching a movie, I was knitting. This lasted for 10 years? And then, my first lack of mojo happened. Things didn’t work, no matter what I tried. The yarn refused to be the item I wanted to knit. The yardage didn’t match what I wanted to knit, I failed at many attempts. So I didn’t knit for a few months. Then something clicked again, and it was on.

Over the last 3 years I have had 2 more major episodes where the knitting just stopped. One episode was due to a pattern and yarn mismatch. In March of 2012 I had a great mismatch of yarn and pattern, plus my concept of what the finished piece would look like was set. I tried to reknit the piece 3 times, but nothing was matching up with my vision. I ended up not knitting a thing until July of that year. And it was a simple shawl that brought me out of the slump. Maluka was a lifesaver.

Then last year I was knitting on College Girl’s blanket. The pattern and yarn were not mismatched, it was just the enormity of the piece that killed the mojo. Knowing I should be working to finish the blanket put such pressure on me I didn’t cope well. To avoid the guilt of not knitting on the blanket, I just didn’t knit at all! Finally I picked up the needles in summer. But May was a wasteland for knitting.

So, have I learned anything? Yep, no knitting deadlines, a sure way to kill my mojo. And, don’t fight the yarn. The yarn will always tell you when it doesn’t want to be something. Maybe it’s the gauge that is wrong. It’s too loose or too tight at the gauge you are trying. But, maybe it’s a fiber thing. Cotton and alpaca are two distinct fibers. They do not perform in the same way. You can’t interchange them, even if the gauge is spot on. So, don’t fight the yarn, let it tell you where it wants to go.

But, how can it talk to you? Swatches. Yep, the Queen of No Swatch is giving you sage advice she doesn’t take. LOL. That’s WHY I strike out often.

This is all on my mind because I was grabbing a new project to take along this weekend. I spent all day Saturday at a wrestling tourney with Diva Girl to watch The Beau wrestle, he was 5 for 5!! Then a quick late lunch before heading to the next high school gym, this time for a girl’s basketball championship game of a local tourney, DG cheers for her high school. Knowing I would not be home and would likely finish the current hats in the works, I needed a new project that was easy to work on while half attention was paid to the sporting events.

I have wanted to make Worsted Capelet for a bit now. Found a yarn I knew had enough yardage to make it with. Grabbed the yarn and pattern, and at the last minute grabbed another 2 skeins of yarn for a cowl pattern. And good thing I did. When I pulled out the yarn, Suri Merino (Alpaca and Merino), I realized that even though it was marked worsted weight, the drape of the alpaca would not lend itself to the capelet. The yarn was not going to work knit on a US9 needle to the gauge suggested. It was too light of a worsted. So, I grabbed the Jo Sharp Silk Tweed and cast on the Thirty-eight Cowl. Which isn’t really bulky enough for the pattern, but I knew it would work. And it’s working beautifully.


Just wish it wasn’t a flash photo at night. Kind of lose the stitches and the texture.

Joining in with Tami today.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes it just clicks

  1. I know what you mean about the mismatch–whenever I see a pattern made with a very specific yarn/fiber I always think twice–and sometimes that is not enough;)

    I love the Jo Sharp yarn. The cowl will look great.

    You are certainly busy following your athletes and fans:)

  2. I know there are those that can have multiple projects on the go at one time, but I usually cannot handle that. It’s worse in that if I don’t like the project I’m working on, or if there is a mismatch as you say, then I stop knitting all together as well! It’s like I cannot start anything else until the current project is done, but I’ve completely lost motivation to work on that project.

    A knitter’s Catch 22 🙂

    PS love Jo Sharp Tweed, such a beautiful yarn, this project will look great!

  3. You are a wise woman! Both the pressures of having a deadline and making a yarn into something it’s not have put me in knitting slumps before, too. That is why I try to have several different projects going on at once. Some people find that this doesn’t work for them, but I am the type of knitter that thrives on variety. Love how the cowl is working up in the Jo Sharp Silk Tweed.

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