Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer FOs

Reindeer Hats

While I was looking for stranded charts to do some boot cuffs, I came across this darling design for a sweater. I knew it would take no effort to work the chart into a hat for a small person by using Sport/Lt Worsted yarns. So I went looking for color appropriate stash. I came up with the brown and cream from this sweater. The Fuchsia yarn was leftover from this backpack. The beige of the dark hat is worsted from Ella Rae.

Reindeer Hat 2  Reindeer 1 Hat

I started the dark hat first and tried to aim for a toddler size. I was able to try the mostly finished hat on the recipient to see if it was big enough. It was perfect. Knowing his sister is a few years older I cast on a bit more for her version.

Kids in hats
Aren’t they just adorable!!! The kids, I mean.

The noses were the cutest part of the project. Even though I hate making bobbles. But these went quick and added so much to the hats. Plus, they weren’t pom poms, as I had at first feared. The pom poms were made by using all three yarns and wrapping them around cardboard. Yeah, I am buying pom pom makers ASAP!

These were the last FOs for the year, and some of the funnest! So much fun I made three more! This time using worsted Ella Rae Classic Superwash, gosh this stuff is luscious!

Reindeer Medium
Reindeer Large

Oy, I see a glut of Poor Rudolphs in the coming weeks. I need to use up more of the 1095 yards of Ella Rae Classic Superwash I bought to make these hats!!! And if you want to join in the fun, have at it. Just please do not sell this pattern, as I do not own the rights to the original chart. I just offer it to you for your own use. Poor Rudolph Please note I have not had the pattern test knit or proof read. If you have any questions or corrections, just leave me a note. 

OK, time to check out Wonder’s, Creative Friday, and Tami’s to see what other fun items are getting FO’d!


15 thoughts on “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer FOs

  1. Gorgeous, absolutely stunning hats. I think I need to make one for next Christmas! Your models are so cute too. How are you faring with the cold by the way? Its the coldest I’ve experienced and its driving me stir crazy (no car to venture out of the apartment with). I’m back from my blogging break, hopefully for a long time. Missed all my blog buddies!

  2. Fun fun fun! I know what I’m going to be knitting for the little kiddies on my list come December. Scratch that, I want to upsize the pattern for myself! Love the bobble noses, too.

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