Knitting until the Cow(l)s come home

Lame, I know. Excuse misspelled words, computer is in the shop and I am using the I-Pad. Not very good with the keyboard.

So, cowls are getting cranked out left and right here. For me, for others, for fun! Short but sweet, here they are.


Thirty-eight Cowl for me.


Close up of pattern.

Then I just had to try out the Eisig-Warm pattern. So, I made two.


Cascade 220 and other leftover worsteds.


Kureyon leftovers in blue and green.


Leftovers in purple and naturals.


Love it.

The last two went to sisters in the tween years. They were so enthusiastic when I gave the cowls to them. Acted like they were just the best things in the world. Such sweethearts. Wish my own kids were as excited about things I make.

OK, I am typed out. Hit Wonder and Tami for the links to other FOs this Friday.

PS: Today marks the day I become useless. Diva Girl got her license yesterday. The bright side, I no longer have to get up @6:30 to drive her to school. The down side, with College Girl at school, Hubster exercising after work, and Diva Girl likely out running around, I will now eat dinner by myself most nights.


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