FO Friday, long post, sorry

Due to some snowing/sleeting/snowing and freezing temps, I have been snowbound since Tuesday afternoon. Which isn’t a bad thing, except for missing knitting on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning! So I just stayed in and knit. Only, I didn’t knit that much. Oh, and I couldn’t stop from starting new projects when I did knit. That hat I vowed to finish soon? Still waiting for the crown decreases. Argh! But I have been happily knitting away on two new shawls. Yep, not just one, I had to cast on 2!!!! Before showing the FO for the week I will flash pics of the shawl progresses.

Waning Winter, AKA Autumn Blush

I never used to name my knits. But now I find myself making up stupid or weird names for them. The top piece was named Waning Winter in hopes that Winter really is waning here. But after getting hit the last 3 days, I don’t think so. The yarn is Malabrigo Arroyo purchased on our trip to Maine. The pattern, Autumn Blush is OK, but I hate when the instructions include a Bind Off stitch as one of the sts they count as a Knit stitch. So I keep trying to knit 2 when one of those knit sts is already on my needles! The instructions should follow the actions you need to do to complete the row. You come across the issue in row 1, your beginning row, but she doesn’t explain it until row 5!  Write the pattern as it knits! OK, off soap box now.

The 2nd shawl is because I started thinking of something, can’t even remember now, which led me to consult my Excel spreadsheet of my stash, which led me to wonder what it would look like if I combined leftovers into a Cameo. Thus, A Short Cameo Appearance was born!

Cameo short
A Short Cameo Appearance

3/4 skeins of Koigu in plum, 1/4 a skein of Koigu in a variegated, and 1/2 a skein of Yarn Daze will combine to make a shorter version of Cameo. I made a full sized version last summer and love it. The variegated Koigu was used in my Swallowtail Shawl. It has both colors in the variegation.

Now, on to this week’s finish. It has actually been done for a month now. Just had other things to show off first. I had some Malabrigo worsted in my stash for years. Maybe 6? It finally demanded to be knit up into a sweater. I decided to modify Shapely Boyfriend to be less shaped. Success.


   SBS3 SBS4

The top left photo shows the issue I had between skeins. The first 4 were different from the last 3. Ack! So the sleeves and button band have a brighter green in the mix. It is more noticeable in photos than real life. Since I have a lot of green in my closet, I am not at a loss for something to wear under it. And also, a lot of navy. The last photos show it with my Maluka for accent. During these cold days it has been additional warmth to keep the cold from my neck and chest.

When I first finished it, I wasn’t in love with it. Since wearing I have lengthened the sleeves and blocked it to be longer and slimmer. It is perfect for wearing over my navy leggings with my boots! Or, great for throwing over jeans! I wish I had a Pashmina style scarf that matched the green to wear with it, but my navy will suffice. I have three greens, but none of them are a good match. And the one that was closet just got ruined in the dryer. Why did I forget it was in with my wash!!

So, sorry for the novel, but having missed WIP Wednesday, I was making up for it. Cause I know you were just dying to know what’s going on in my world. NOT!

Check in with Tami and Wonder and Suburbia for the creativity of the fiber world.


11 thoughts on “FO Friday, long post, sorry

  1. Your sweater is lovely! I don’t notice the difference at all. I’m itching to cast on something new but I’m forcing myself to finish up lagging projects. I have a scarf, a tank and a sweater. They have to get finished. Have a great weekend and stay warm!

  2. I love the shades of plum you’re using for your Cameo! That SHapely boyfriend is languishing in my queue too 🙂 Yours looks lovely. I can’t see any green in the pictures though. A good length for both jeans and leggings. Leggings, boots and a long handknit sweater is my uniform for winter! Stay warm…we got a lot of snow this week too 😦 Its all ice now. Yuk.

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