Inspiration Mondays

Joining with A Baby’s Smile for Inspiration Mondays. Come and join us!

I want to talk about the craziness that is my brain. Doesn’t seem to matter how much I have on my plate, whether knitting, or life, when the muse hits, I must respond! This happened last week as I was trying to resist casting on new, because there are 2 UFOs I really want to have done! But as always, when I am most in need to buckling down and getting something done, I end up wanting to do nothing but start something else. It’s like my mind is a toddler, stridently demanding to have my way!!!

So, I was trying to avoid colorwork on size 2 needles, this hat needs finishing!!!


I just need to do crown decreases and sew in umpteen million ends! Hmm, maybe that’s why I am avoiding it?

Is that when inspiration strikes? When I am avoiding something? Let’s see.

In my attempt to avoid the hat I decided I just had to, absolutely, had to cast on for Autumn Blush. I have had the yarn since June 2013, not that long, but fondly remembered because I bought the yarn while on a 20th anniversary trip with Hubster. We went to Maine for 10 days. Heaven! This is what Heaven looks like.


So, cast on and got through Section 2. And then it was dropped.

Why? Because for some strange reason I had to go rooting around in my stash Excel sheets. Don’t even remember why. And then I saw that I had some leftovers in some lovely colors. Koigus, Yarn Daze. Hmm, would they be enough to make something if combined? 447 yards of fingering. Surely enough for a shawl. So, let’s go looking at shawls. Well, nothing jumping out at me. Hey, how about a Cladonia? Did that one with the plum Koigu I have leftover. I could stripe the two main colors and use the third for the lace. Nah, not enough for the lace with that small cake.

And then it hit. Cameo! Perfect. I could start with the plum, stripe in with the variegated, then knit a bit with it before striping in the brown. Of course, it would not be as big as my first modified Cameo, but it would make a neck sized wrap.

And so I just had to cast it on and knit it right then!!! And I haven’t stopped for anything else. It’s garter, so perfect for watching/reading/knitting. I am sure it will be done in no time and then I can go back to those other, boring, intricate, things on the needles. Unless I find another no brainer project to do!



I wish I could get the camera and computer to truly show how deep a red violet this is. You can barely see two rows of brown alternating at the top of this photo. I am just hoping the brown doesn’t read too dull against the plum when it’s all said and done. In the cakes they played well together, but sometimes when knit it doesn’t read as well.

OK, that’s my inspiration story for you. This isn’t always the way it goes, but sometimes it truly is avoidance that brings out the muse in me.

PS: for great inspiration, check out WEBS 40 Anniversary contest.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration Mondays

  1. I can absolutely relate. I felt I had to have a new project for the olympics, something bright and cheerful … very much like your cameo. I love the colours you found, can’t wait to see it with the brown too

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