Friday FO Finish or Fuddly?


This is a FO, just not sure it’s a FO that I am fine with. I had a vision in my head, I thought to start with the plum, transition to the Variegated with striping, and then on to the brown to end. Only, I wasn’t happy with the striping, so I ripped back to just the plum. Then I knit straight through the colors without any blending.

So, it’s done, but am I done with it? I will reserve that decision until I actually try to wear it with something. I am hoping the accessorizing of an outfit will cause me to swoon with satisfaction. Or something.


You can see I gained quite a bit with the blocking. It is very aggressively blocked here, the unpinning did allow for some relaxing in the size. It went from 40″x15″ to 64″x26″. And it is so light and airy, I can see me wearing this on into early summer. It makes the perfect neck accent size.

Cameo Shortness A Short Cameo

Just glad I have this done in time for Valentine’s. Not that we are having a date tonight, unless you count going to watch our city’s Girl Varsity Tournament for Basketball a date. But I will be able to wear this with the brown side out to wear our school colors. I will have to cover up the plum since that is so not our color. Brown and Gold are, so the lower portion of the shawl fits the bill.

OK, head over to see who else has a FO Finish or a FO Fuddly. Tami, Wonder, and Suburbia have the scoops!


10 thoughts on “Friday FO Finish or Fuddly?

  1. I think it looks fine without striping. I’m having a similar “not sure if it works” moment with variegated yarn stripes. I’m nearly finished now so I’ll keep going and then decide what I think. Plus it’s for the Ravellenics. I don’t have time to rip it out and start again.

  2. I LOVE IT! The colors are great and it blocked beautifully! I’m always for striping and putting colors together that you might normally not think of. It truly makes for a unique creation. I’d keep it all love it and wear it a lot!

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