Mid Month Recap

Just wondered how I was doing on my monthly goals. Not that I was really making a list, but let’s review: “Now, to set some goals for February. First off, finish a UFO. I have two active ones, wait, can a UFO be active? I am close to finishing the tam I am working on, so it is the obvious choice. On the crown decreases. Then I want to finish the sleep sack for Camdyn. I plan to start an Autumn Blush Shawl with some of my Maine yarn, the Malabrigo Arroyo. I want to make a Zuzu’s Petals Cowl for a kind friend. And would love to start on another sweater for me. Many options, so I may draw straws to determine which one. I would love to do the Darrowby from Knitty, but need to read through the other projects completed since I have heard rumblings of horrible pattern numbers. Or I could do Collins. Just love shawl collars!!! Either one, I have 2200 yards of brown tweed from Paton’s to use, and would love whichever one.”

#1 Finish a UFO from 2013: Nope, didn’t even knit another stitch on either one. Gah!
#2 Finish Camdyn’s Sleep Sack: Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. Finished it Friday, plus knit a hat to match!
#3 Start Autumn Blush: Another winner, winner, chicken dinner. Started it, worked through 2 sections, started the 3rd, decided to add more depth, so ripped back to Section 2 and worked Section 3 with increases. Stopped to make another shawl.
#4 Cast on Zuzu’s Petals: Not started, but the yarn is ready to go.
#5 Cast on sweater for me: Nope, but the yarn that was knit into a sleeve for another sweater was frogged and yarn washed, dried, and caked, ready for casting on Collins.

So, I am lagging behind my goals there. But, I have knit up 956 yards thus far, so keeping on track with the total from January.  And, I have only purchased 1 skein of yarn in February, to finish the sleep sack, so I am way ahead of not buying yarn compared to last February. I bought over 3000 yards of yarn last Feb!! And it is likely that I still have over half of it in the stash. I don’t even want to determine whether that statement is true or not.

How are you doing on your 2014 goals? Winning, losing?


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