Inspiring me to knit

Come join Inspiration Monday over at A Baby Smile’s.

Today my inspiration is fueled by fellow knitters. I am friends with a former knitting class student on FB. She posted a pic of a cowl she finished a few months ago. And it stuck with me. But as it was a pattern for purchase, and I am trying to use patterns I have already bought!, I passed on pursuing it. But then I did a search online for a cowl that would suit the yardage I wanted to use to make a gift for a friend*. I have 150ish yards of leftover Misti Alpaca Worsted hand Paint in a gorgeous red. I used it for my Thanksgiving Shawl way back. Of course, that pattern popped up! And kept popping up! Oy, I get the message.

So I went ahead and purchased Zuzu’s Petals. And then kept knitting other things instead. I’m fickle like that. But the other night we were headed to our city’s Girl’s High School Basketball Sectionals final and I needed something to occupy  my hands, having just finished a baby hat and trying desperately to avoid the fair isle tam. I tend to really get into the games, so if I have something to attend to, I am less likely to get boisterous or obnoxious! Well, I paid too much attention to the game and knit right past the row I needed to join in the round on. LOL! And it sure didn’t keep me from being tense as our girls lost by one point at the final buzzer.

Zuzu start

Do you get inspired from seeing other’s work on the various social/knit/craft sites? I would say that is 60% of what inspires me. Something I am not looking for, but see whenever I am on social networks or reading blogs. So now I know who to blame for my lack of finishing things. YOU!

*At Christmas I had texted someone telling them their gifts were on the front porch, only, I texted this friend instead of the person I intended to text. LOL! She was disappointed when I texted again to tell her wrong number. LOL. She was sure there would be a hand knit something on her front porch!


3 thoughts on “Inspiring me to knit

  1. I have this pattern in my faves. Now YOU are inspiring me to dig out the yarn that I had bought to knit it with! So yes, I can totally understand the influences that social media can have on my project choices.

  2. I’ve seen this pattern being made by many Rav friends. And now you too. So it must be fate that I have to make it too! Only my winter coat has a funnel neck so I don’t really need scarves or cowls. Or do I? I find bloggers very inspiring. A lot of what goes into my queue and a lot of new yarns I buy (haven’t bought any this year though) are inspired by bloggers like you.

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