FO Friday for the Babies

Today’s post is all about the little ones. Just love their preciousness!! And we are grateful for a new addition to our family. Our niece just had a baby girl, she is a doll!! She joins her big brother who has been the recipient of a few knit items from me. In fact, his baby blanket is his treasured item. Love it! So for the new Miss I knit her a blanket that I hope will become her fav, showcased here. But I also wanted to do something else for her. So I looked for a pattern to use up the remaining yellow yarn and thought I hit pay dirt with the owl sack. Yeah, not, ended up having to buy another skeins of yarn! Oh well, that just left enough yarn for some hats.

So I give you C’s Owl Sack. I just hope Great Grandma gets it to her in time for her to still use it. GG is heading out next week to visit.


And then I thought to make an owl hat to match, only I didn’t think the pattern made for it was all that cute. It has a very deep crown which just looks odd. So I just cast on top down and tried to knit to fit the babe’s head. Only, it was going to be too big still. But never fail, there is always a babe with the right size noggin!

So this precious hat will keep Baby E’s head warm. She is the pastor’s daughter, and precious as can be. Always smiling at  you.

image image

The left photo shows the color better, the right shows the texture better. The photo in the back on the left is of my Great Grandparents, my grandmother, and her two sisters. Taken in the early 1900 in a local spa town. You should see the huge bows on their heads! I will try to post a follow up of it.

So, what have you finished lately? Baby knitting, you knitting, charity knitting? Share with everyone by visiting Fiber, FO, or Creative Friday!


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