Pom-Pom Foolery

My recent hat knitting has called for pom-pom making. I hate making pom-poms!! Really hate it. My method has been the cut out 2 circles in cardboard, make a hole in the center of them, and hold them together while wrapping yarn around the circle. Only, the center circle is so small that getting yarn through the center is hard.  And then trying to keep the strands of cut yarn from falling apart while I tied it off was amusing. So, I thought, why not just use a semi circle to accomplish the task. I found this tutorial online with a template. And without using the taping, made some pom-poms. Only, I still had an issue with the yarn wanting to fall apart.

Having worked in a yarn shop, I was aware of nifty gadgets made to help you make pom-poms. But, hating them as I do, I never thought I would willingly make them, so no reason for the purchase of a pom-pom maker. Until now. The pom really does finish off these reindeer hats I have been making, so it was time to buy a pom-pom maker. And boy did I pick the right one.


Clover came up with an ingenious design. Man is it easy! And prevents all that falling apart of the yarn. Another plus, it comes in packs of 2 in varying sizes. Not sure I will need more than this set, but who knows. I doubt I will need larger, but I might buy the smaller versions. This set makes 2.5″ and 3.375″ sizes. I used the 2.5″ size to make this pom-pom.


Guess I should have put something in there for size reference. I haven’t measured the 2.5″ veracity, but I did do a little shaving to try and round it out. Where it does do a great job of keeping the strands stationery while you tie it off, I still had some stragglers, plus the ends were a little longer. This is a fairly full pom-pom, but I think I could do a bit more wrapping to fill it out. It was wrapped about 2.5 times around each leg of the device. I used 3 strands held together. If I was using the same color I think I would also use multiple strands since it would go faster. Here is a video which shows just how easy it is!

So, what gadgets have you found to be time savers or helpful in knitting? I am sold on this product!

In real life I have been on a quick road trip and battling a cold. Went up to Indy to see my sister and College Girl and to retrieve my oldest pup. CG took him back to Indy after being home one weekend. He stayed at my sister’s house for a few weeks. I sure did miss him. And little dog did too. He kept going outside looking for his big brother. Sad to say, I didn’t visit one yarn shop while there. Knowing I had no need to shop for yarn, and trying to watch pennies right now, I declined. But still had fun anyway. Finished the hat I made this pom-pom for and got lots of Autumn Blush shawl knitting done. Halfway through the shawl now. One more skein to go and I will be done.

The cold has been kicking my butt. Thought I was getting better until last night. I think it is full blown sinus infection at this point. So I guess it’s time to see the Dr. Oh joy!

Well, back to watching them dry the track at Daytona. It may not end before midnight tonight!


4 thoughts on “Pom-Pom Foolery

  1. Gadgets are fun aren’t they! I love my retractable measuring tape. Sorry you aren’t feeling well, will pray that you will be felling better soon.

  2. The pom-pom maker is very nice. I tend to avoid pom-poms because of the making being so annoying. I might give one of these a try should I get the urge for pom-poms:)
    I hope you feel better. Sinus infections are nasty and hard to get rid of.

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