Inspiration Monday


It’s that time again! Inspiration Monday with Christine. Come join in.

So, have you been inspired by something over the last week? When last we spoke, I mentioned the inspiration that comes from other knitters. What fun it is to see what our friends and fellow bloggers are making. But they are not the only source of my inspiration. There are others who cause me to want to cast on and knit. They are what I call, “The Pushers”. Oh, they seem innocent enough, but they are EVIL! Pure EVIL!

It starts with an offer to show you their “wares”, whether in person or on the Internet. They lure you in with a scandalous photo, an offer to bare all for the right amount. They fill you with a craving, so deep you cannot avoid the itch! Or maybe you see them hanging out on a corner*, offering a sweet deal, tempting you to just touch it, you’ll like it. And then you fall right into their web! Oh how they catch you! And leave you hanging from Noro, Valley Yarns, and other luscious strings.

Yarn Pushers are the hardest to ignore. They are so nice to send out catalogs, emails, tweets, status updates and who knows what else. All in an effort to push their products. OK, so I really want to know what they have to offer. I fall victim to my own insatiable desire to know what’s out there. What other yarn do I need to have that I know will make my life complete? I don’t want to miss anything! So I click their links, which take me to luscious yarns, or flick through their catalogs showing me darling designs, and I succumb! Or maybe it’s the hard working tools  that I am so sure will take my knitting to the next level. I admit, it’s all of the above! I just know I must have it all.

And it’s not just WEBS, it’s my local and not so local yarn shops. They just wait for you to walk in the front door and then they pounce! Calling your attention to the new deliveries. And showing off their samples knit in beautiful yarns. Then they have books and patterns all over the place, everywhere you turn. Sensory Overload!!!

I am fortunate to have two wonderful shops to lure me in. One is less than a half hour away, the other is an hour. I visit the closest one every week with my knitting buds. There are always delightful things to see. The other I wish I could visit more often. I try to spread the dollars around, hoping to do my part to keep them all in business. The more to choose from the more I get to shop, right?

So, do you have a favorite pusher, I mean source of inspiration?

*of the Vendor floor at any Stitches event.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday

  1. My LYS is Soper creek yarns and I could walk around for hours touching everything, it’s marvelous! I try to hit the LYS at any new city I visit to bring home vacation wool. I can’t be the only one who does that, right?

  2. So very true! I follow a few yarn makers on FB and Twitter and drool over their new creations. Then there is Ravelry which never fails to have just the right project to justify the yarn purchase and the evil ring is complete. I adore my LYS and have a couple of online vendors I frequent and that is on top of my “work” knitting … and our local knitters fair is coming up in a few weeks and I have already started plotting.

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