Ugh! WIP Wednesday

The Ugh! isn’t for my WIP Wednesday projects, it’s for the impacted sinus infection I am dealing with. Waiting on Dr to call in some meds. Just goes to show, don’t let a “cold” linger. Thankfully I learned my lesson back in September, so no more episodes have occurred this time.

But, even with all the nose blowing, sleeping, and lack of energy, I still have been getting some knitting done. Usually it’s in the evening when I finally come out of the fog. The current pile of WIPs include: Autumn Blush which is halfway, Reindeer Hat waiting for it’s noses and pom-pom, Owl Hat waiting to be finished and a pom added to it. The Owl Hat needs to be done ASAP so it can fly off to Baby C with her other knit items. And a Reindeer Hat will go along so Big Brother C will have something new too. The Reindeer Hat in the photo is for their cousin who lives in town. Hey, Big Cousin needs a new hat too! And soon Big Cousin will be Big Brother too. His Baby is coming in July, so more baby knitting will be going on here.


Sorry for the dark photo. Gray day and no energy to go find a bright spot in the house. And with dark Malabrigo in the mix, you get what you get. Whatever is left of the yellow Ella Rae will be made into a pom-pom for the top of the Owl Hat, which I will likely have to shave since the makers I have are too big for a baby hat. See, I knew I would need the smaller sizes. Off to JoAnn’s to pick them up.

I am getting tired of little leftovers that I just can’t bring myself to throw away! It drives me crazy. Hey, maybe I will just use all those leftovers and make pom-poms for no reason. Whatever it takes to make it go away!!!

So, head over to Tami’s and share the makings of your week. Hope you are able to craft with a clear head, I wish I could.


5 thoughts on “Ugh! WIP Wednesday

  1. Again, I hope you feel better:) Have you tried a warm compress on your face? Sometimes that helps with the pain/pressure. I also like to inhale steam from a bowl that has a bit of Vicks vapor rub in it. It helps clear the congestion without drying you out.

  2. My 3 spent an entire afternoon making Pom poms. They have a little loft fort and my girl tied them hanging from the rafters. She told me, “when I look up there I just see JOY.” I started using pom-poms instead of bows on packages. It sure is a fun way to use up scraps.

    The new babies in your family sure are lucky to have a knitter.

  3. Oh no, sinus infections are the worst! I get them a lot myself so I know firsthand how awful they feel. I bought a facial steamer off and use it with some vicks vaporub on my nose and it really helps. 15min a few times a day. Better than popping pills. You are sure busy even with a stuffy nose! When I have sinus aches all I want to do is lie down 🙂 Feel better soon.

  4. Looks like you have an adorable little hat in the works there. I sure do hope you feel better soon. I came down with something similar a couple of weeks ago … you know you aren’t feeling well when even knitting doesn’t seem appealing.

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