Friday FO for a Friend

Today’s FO is for a friend. At Christmas I was dropping something off at my SIL’s house. Having been texting stuff all day to others, I didn’t pay attention to who I was texting when I said, “I left a package on your porch”. My SIL has a lot of dogs and they bark a LOT. So to avoid all the barking they ask that people not ring the doorbell. I can understand that and I only have 1.5 dogs who bark, not 4. iNDy barely barks, and only because of Cooper barking.

So, imagine my friend’s delight upon receiving that message. And then imagine her disappointment when I realized the mistake and texted back, “sorry, wrong number”. She expressed that disappointment when we gathered for my birthday in January. So, that put me to the task of finding a knit item to make for her. And another knitting friend gave me the inspiration. So Zuzu’s Petals was purchased and cast on and quickly knit up. I had some leftover Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Worsted, oh how I wish they still made this! I have 4 more skeins in 2 colorways in my stash. I didn’t have the full amount, but knew I could just fudge it as I got close. And ended up having to borrow some red worsted to finish the last 10 or so bind offs! But it’s at the back neck, so hardly noticeable. Yes, that’s me, always running short on my bind offs!

I do hope she likes it. It’s a little hard to give it up.


Now, to decide what else to knit for the remaining 3 of the group. 2 have gotten theirs, now it’s time to finish off the rest! Will have to look into the birthday dates, maybe I can fit the knits in with their special days. Although, one is a knitter, so I am guessing I can just get her a gift card. But a hand knit would be nicer.

Time to see what other’s are knitting and gifting, or guilty pleasure keeping! You know the drill.
Tami’s Amis
Wisdom Begins in Wonder
Natural Suburbia


8 thoughts on “Friday FO for a Friend

  1. oooooh, that is beautiful. I’m sure she will love it. You are a dear knitting something for everyone in the group, even if that wasn’t the original intention. I’m doing that with co-workers. It has to be a milestone birthday or retirement but they will get an epic gift.

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