February Recap

Wow, this month went by fast. It didn’t help that I ended it with a sinus infection. That kind of slowed down the output. When all you want to do is sleep, very little knitting gets done. Oh, and while not asleep I was in a brain fog, so that’s when you really shouldn’t be knitting.

February totals:
Knit: 1836 yards 9 skeins
Purchased: 219 yards 1 skein
Difference: 1,617 less yards and 8 less skeins in stash!!!

YTD totals:
Knit: 3887 yards 19 skeins
Purchased: 1314 yards 6 skeins
Difference: 2,573 less yards and 13 less skeins in stash!!!

Personal cost: The majority of the money spent this month was spent in the last week. I was doing so good!!!! Argh! And I actually only bought 1 skein of yarn, the rest was spent on the other items listed.
February: $51.02 for yarn, patterns, gadgets, needles. ($20.00 birthday gift card helped)
YTD: $108.98
Unfortunately, next month won’t be much better as I have a baby blanket to buy yarn for. So that will be between $40-$70 depending if I can get the yardage to work with the 3 colors. I may end up having to buy 2 skeins of 3 colors to get it all worked out. The yardage called for seems like it will work, but you just never know.

Now for the makes! 7 items completed, 2 still unfinished.

February Collage

There is some duplication in there, 2 hats each of 2 different patterns. What can I say, sometimes it’s just easier to crank them out one after the other.

Did I reach any goals? Let’s recap:

1. Finish a UFO – NOPE, not another stitch was made on the 2 UFOs.
2. Finish the sleep sack for Camdyn – Ding ding ding, we have a winner!
3. Start an Autumn Blush Shawl – Yep, halfway through.
4. Make a Zuzu’s Petals Cowl for a kind friend – Nailed it! Started and done.
5. Start a sweater for me Collins – The sleeve swatch is started and it tells me I have to go down a needle size to get a better fabric and use a size larger numbers to make the fit work. My yarn is not quite Aran, more worsted.

Beyond those goals I started and finished 4 hats and 1 shawl not on my list. Well, they were on my Queue list for 2014, just not planned in February. Since I am on a roll, let’s keep it going by planning some March goals! Or have I just jinxed myself?

Goals for March

1. Finish a UFO, I mean it!
2. Work on that sweater.
3. Finish Autumn Blush and cast on another shawl, maybe get my niece to decide on yarn and color for her wedding shawl, date is May 17th.
4. Continue to knit down stash, but allow for baby blanket yarn purchase for July great niece #2.
5. Decide what sweater pattern to use for great niece #1 and get it going.

OK, that’s enough to start with. I know I will immediately cast on for something I am inspired by as I visit blogs and FB. And that’s OK, it shouldn’t be all deadlines and goals. Whimsy and folly should have a say sometimes.


3 thoughts on “February Recap

  1. Gosh, you are iso disciplined to count your yardage knitted and purchased and work out your stash residue – I just buy and knit and buy so that each month my stash grows, I really must get a grip. Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting, I hope you visit often

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