Happy Birthday to Hubster

Today is Hubster’s Birthday!! He is 47 years young. Although he really is an old soul, so that saying doesn’t fit. I am the juvenile of the two even though I out age him by 6 years. Yes, I am the older woman! Considering he is the one who falls asleep on the couch every evening, he really is the old man! But then, he gets up at 4:30 every morning for work, so there is more to the story than age.

Tonight I will make him a pork tenderloin roast with potatoes, cooked carrots and salad. And will gift him with another golf shirt, one from the Tiger Woods line, whom I can’t stand, but Hubster follows. It’s in Hubster, and Tiger’s, signature red and black. He will look dashing on the golf course in it, now if it will help his golf game, all the better! LOL. He really is a good golfer, but ya gotta rib him about it.

And in honor of his day I will let him go do whatever he wants. Cause then I can stay home and knit!! Too bad it will be freezing rain and he will definitely not be golfing. So Happy Birthday Hubster! May you enjoy many more.

Update on the Zuzu’s Petals gift for my friend. She loved it! I got a viewing of her new house* and then we went out to lunch and had a nice talk. So good to get together with friends. We decided we will do it again in two weeks! And call the other gals to see if they want to join us. That means I need to get thinking about the next gift item I will knit for the next recipient.

Now, to get on to working on the March stash depletion. I am setting a goal of 1500 yards knit up. I think it’s doable. With 355 left to knit up for Autumn Blush, and plans to knit up 800 yards of Malabrigo with French Cancan, that’s almost it right there. Now, if I could just keep from adding yardage, I would be so much further ahead of the game. If I can just knit up 1200 and not add any, I could actually get under 70,000 yards in the stash! That would be sweet! Working down this stash really needs to be my focus. But these babies keep getting born, and I just found out my nephew’s family will grow by 1 in October!! So exciting! If I had only known I needed to buy superwash yarns instead of hand wash wools! Oh well, it will be fun to shop over the next few months.

*They bought her husband’s childhood home. It is very colonial in style and she has done wonderful things with the decor.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Hubster

  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    You can meet your goal, just gotta push to do it. I’m still working on UFO’s I’ll be at it a while. Have a good Sunday!

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