Inspiration Monday

Another week of thinking about what inspires me. Today it will seem a little far fetched. But bear with me. As I was out and about after knitting last Wednesday I dropped into JoAnn’s to get the smaller pompom maker. Knowing I was now going to be gaga for pompoms, I need to be sure to have all the sizes for baby to adult hats. As is my wont whenever I go to JoAnn’s, I wander the aisles to see if I “need” something else. This week my need was baskets/storage/whatever. And as I walked along I saw a display with handle containers at 50% off!!! Waverly fabric and sturdy construction. Perfect.

So this came home with me.


I mean, who wants to spend such a small amount when you have a 40% off coupon for the gadget? You gotta make the trip worthwhile. It’s a soft brown and cream pattern with a brown lining. Very sturdy, handled, perfect for toting my knitting back and forth. I have been using a very soft sided bag that left me digging to try and find small items. This will work if I keep individual projects in project bags and the gadgets in containers.

So, I was happy to take it home, but then my mind kept thinking of the other print still sitting on the shelf at 50% off too. And I decided, I didn’t  need it. I don’t need two of these for knitting projects. But it has been great for the traveling. It sits level on the seat or floor of my car and then sits well at my feet at home or out. It might not work for the ball games, but if I have projects in their bags, I can just grab one out of the tote.

So, fast forward to Saturday. Diva Girl wanted to go look for Prom Dresses, so off we went. She also had a watch that needed shortened and a bracelet that needed repaired. As we drove in town I thought, wait, I can stop at JoAnn’s and buy findings to repair the missing link on the bracelet. And, while there, I could just pick up that tote if it was still there.

It was, and DG proceeded to tell me I didn’t need it. Pooh! Then I tried to convince her she could use it in her room. So of course she was all over that. LOL!

So this came home with me.


It is more a white background with a black design. And with a rug in my dining room that is the same mix, and black furniture in there, it is currently living there. But I am thinking it will end up being used to tote things around.

So, what do these things have to do with inspiration? They make me think of all the projects that will live in them as I work on them. Which then makes me think of what is on down the queue and what needs to be started for deadlines or gift giving. Which causes me to haunt patterns and my excel sheet to determine what I have that works. And I find a pattern for the yarn I purchased to make the new great-niece her baby sweater. And wait, I have enough to make hers and one for her baby cousin due in July. So they can have matching sweaters to wear at Christmas time. And then I get excited and run to the stash and grab the yarn and cast on the older one’s version. So see, inspiration from a tote!

LOL! Now go check out the stories at Baby Smiles to see if anyone else is stretching the theme.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday

  1. Those are great bags! I need a new knitting bag. I’m leaning towards a boat and tote from LL Bean. They have one you can design yourself…

  2. I can totally relate to this post! I am a basket/container/bag lady myself. These two bags are super finds. Glad that you convinced yourself to buy them. I like the sturdy construction and pretty patterns. Now I want to see how much they can hold…please post an update photo of when they are full of projects!

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