WIP Wednesday

Another week, another WIP. Yeah sure, I already had 3 WIPs going, but what’s another? Or two. Cast on for a sweater sleeve swatch, but the needle is too big so going down a size and reworking the numbers to get the fit I want. The story of my life? Fall in love with a sweater, search the stash, find a yarn, only, it’s not quite Aran weight for an Aran weight sweater. Oh, who cares, we can fudge it!

And then, as I said on Monday, I just had to cast on a baby sweater for the great-niece C, hereby known as GNC, not to be confused with great-nephew C, her brother. He will be known as GN1. And then there’s GN2, and his future sister, GNTB (To-Be, name not as yet decided). How will I keep them straight! Cute fact, GN1 is 5 months older than cousin GN2, GNC will be 5 months older than cousin GNTB. My nieces must be in on the synchronization? Anyhoo, here’s a shot to show my progress on my Waning Winter, aka Autumn Blush, and the baby bolero sweater, Sirdar 1308. I have enough of the Berroco Comfort to make each baby niece the same sweater, 6 month’s difference in size. They will be kind-of Christmas Sweaters. The color is Teaberry, a soft burgundy. Wishing I could find dresses in both 1 year and 6 months to match the sweaters.

wips 3-5

I just love the colors in the shawl. This is one of my Maine souvenir yarns, and I just love the deep colors. Hoping I get it done soon so I can wear it a few times before Spring hits. I dread Spring, because we generally just go to hot and humid, from cold and wet, with no stop for Spring! Oh well, it’s been that way forever, not likely to change now. I will just have to move further north to enjoy cooler weather. But, convincing Hubster to do that will be impossible. He just wished for 100 days of 100 degrees. Does he wish me to perish from heat exhaustion??!!

I am sure if you follow the Wednesday WIPs you will find lots of talk about the cold. And maybe some talk about the warm woolies being knit to protect from it?


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. They look great, loooove the colours! I’m with you on the cold to hot. Where I live (Toronto-ish) spring lasts about 2 minutes and is basically rain and mud. I’d rather frozen white goodness than messy mud! And I just don’t do humid and hot.

  2. Let me know when spring hits and we can definitely do a house swap, I’d be more than happy to kiss this polar vortex goodbye. I LOVE hot weather (humidity not quite as much) and I am trying to figure out the secret to hibernation, lol.

    Love the sweaters, what lovely gifts.

  3. So many GN’s! Gosh, your family is truly blessed 🙂 I love the color of the shawl. Spring used to be my second least favorite season but now I kind of look forward to it, rain and all.

  4. I’d rather have cold days so I can bundle up in handknits! Plus, we don’t get heat without humidity, so summers are hard. I hope you finish your shawl in time to wear it this spring. I’m trying to finish up a cardigan for myself right now so I can wear it before next fall.

  5. I’m with you on temperatures. Much as I dislike being cold, I hate humid heat where you can’t cool down. At least in the cold you can wear lots of handknits lol. In the UK Spring is my favourite time of year because it’s warm but not uncomfortably hot

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