Friday Fun FOs

OK, these will just be deja vu for those who have been faithful readers the last few months. And I can’t even promise you won’t see some in the future again. They are just so much fun to make! And kids keep getting borned around here, so there’s always a victim in the wings.

The current victims are GN1 and GN2. I finally got around to making them some


Hanksters rudy


Wow, shows the diff between taking a photo in the day time or at night. They are both on the same surface, a blocking square.

I did a nose job on these, I omitted one row from the pattern instructions to make the noses a bit smaller. For the adult size I will likely keep the larger bobbles, but for the smaller sizes I think the smaller bobbles are better.

Still using up the Ella Rae Classic Superwash I bought for the first few hats. I am now out of brown and very low on the oatmeal. I still have enough of the pinks to make another hat or two. I might just use the 3 leftover colors to make a different style hat, maybe stripes or a FairIsle design that doesn’t use much of the oatmeal color. I could probably get two hats out of the remainder if I used the oatmeal sparingly on them both. In fact, I think I have just the pattern to use. Off to see if that can be translated from DK to Worsted!

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14 thoughts on “Friday Fun FOs

  1. I’m dying laughing at your comment above about the old time readers. Makes me feel better despite my sinus fog misery 🙂 Every time I see that Rudolph nose it makes me smile. Also your new blog layout looks pretty cool too 😉

  2. Those hats are so cute and I am on a hat knitting jag right now even though we are heading into Spring – with the Polar Vortex these may get worn well into May!

  3. I will never get tired of seeing these adorable hats. You should post one every Friday, LOL! I have some yarn set aside to make a few for when the holidays come around again. Although I might go wild and knit a pink, white & grey version for myself.

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