Weekly Recap

Just a short note for my own record.

Stash Status:
Knit: 409 yards and 2 skeins
Bought: 876 yards and 4 skeins
For a difference of:
467 yards and 2 skeins added to stash.

Eek! But I had to buy yarn! The baby blanket? Sure, GNTB isn’t due until July, but I gotta get knitting! Or something. Here’s the color scheme we are going with. My niece wanted a lighter pink, but they only had it in chunky, not worsted.

52 123 130

The nursery will be in gray, pink and turquoise. It doesn’t have to match perfectly, but I hope the pink isn’t too off. I will probably try to run down the lighter pink before I start knitting though.

Even though I haven’t busted the yardage this week I have finished 2 items. Obviously small items with less than 400 yards knit up quick. Hoping I can finish up a few more things this next week. A hat is close, just need to knuckle under and finish it already! And the shawl has 238 more yards of yarn left to knit up, so it’s doable. Again, that knuckle under thing will do wonders.

OK, off to “knuckle under”!

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