A Sad Goodbye

Tomorrow we will lay to rest my Mom’s last remaining sister. My Mom had two sisters, much older than she. The first was lost when I was much younger, maybe 30 years ago or more. My grandfather died long before I was born, being much older than my grandmother. We only lost my grandmother about 10 years ago. So Mom and Aunt Barbara were the only ones remaining from their family. Having longevity in our family on the female side, it was no big deal that Aunt Barb was in her 80’s. Her mother and aunts all lived from their late 80’s to 101! But in recent years her health has flagged. This last week she experienced some mini strokes. They tried to do a heart cath to reduce some blockage and her blood pressure dropped. There was nothing they could do to save her.

She was such a lovely lady, with such life experiences. Her husband was a Navy man and they were stationed all over the world, but mostly in Japan. When he retired they moved to San Antonio. Thankfully I was able to visit her there a few times, what fun! Her later years were spent in TN near her daughter, Son-In-Law, grandsons, and their families. It was there that she got back into knitting. I made knit items for the first few great-grands of hers and it sparked a passion in her. It was fun to converse about our knitting when she came to visit my Mom.

Please say some prayers for the family as we say goodbye. And safe travel for her family and my parents. Unfortunately College Girl flew to Florida for Spring Break yesterday, so she will not be able to be here. She has too much invested in the trip to back out now.

The one thing that always comes out of these events is the “hug your loved ones”. In this case I always meant to call her, or just take a trip and drive down to visit her. But life always gets in the way. Mom and Dad were planning to stop and see her when they headed back from Florida, until a few years ago she always went down with my sister to visit them. There is always that “plan to” “meant to” that haunts us sometimes. I need to remember that making plans is not the same as making memories.


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