Sweet Sweater FO

It’s baby knitting mode here right now. Even though I have until July to get everything finished, I thought it best to keep ahead of myself. I was able to whip out this sweet sweater in a matter of days. Size 12 months + bolero style = quickie!! I think the edging takes as much time as the pieces do! It’s a break from my usual bolero pattern, but change is good.


The pros of this pattern are, quick pieces! The cons of this pattern are, stair step bind off sleeve caps!!! I hate stair step bind offs. They make such a jagged edge to seam. So, even though this is a cute sweater, I will leave the pieces to themselves and next time just use a raglan shape and then add the edging to a completed sweater. I bet I could use the other bolero pattern for the body. Another con is the edging. They have you knit it and then attach it. I picked up stitches along the edge, about 15 times! Then I knit the border and caught an edge st as I knit. Bonus is the lace makes the buttonhole!

My other issue with the sweater was my gauge. I thought I would be spot on for row gauge, but it ended up being a little looser so the length was affected. I even stopped short of the measured depths on the pieces to accommodate, just didn’t stop short enough. I used the row gauge of the pattern to determine how many rows I needed to knit instead of using my tape measure to measure the inches in depth. Lesson learned, I still need to shorted the rows for the right size. I probably should just make a universal gauge swatch with the Berroco Comfort DK and use it for all future knitting. It’s such a nice yarn for baby things I am sure I will use it a lot.

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And in family life, last night was Diva Girl’s Cheer Banquet. They can’t letter in cheer so they give them medals. So she got her medal and…..Best Tumbler!! So proud of her. Tomorrow will see if she survives to cheer another game. We play a regional semi final at 11:00 am and then if we advance, the final tomorrow night. Fingers crossed! Except, that will make it a long day. Especially since we will be 2 hours away in another city! Oh well, it’s all for glory. You can see part of the net she got to cut down after the sectional win. Plan to get a copy of the photo I took of her cutting the net and frame it with the net piece.


14 thoughts on “Sweet Sweater FO

  1. What a cute little sweater. I love the edging on it. Congrats on her medal and best tumbler! I can’t believe they won’t give them a letter for cheering? What’s up with that?

  2. Absolutely beautiful, love the edge detail! Gauge can be so tricky. I’m currently knitting a cardi and the patterns says “knit to X in” so I have to translate my working gauge to blocked gauge to figure out how long it will measure in working gauge, lol

  3. Beautiful sweater! I have a kimono style one I knit most for babies. It’s so cute and very easy to make. My go to pattern for baby sweaters. WTG Diva Girl!!!

  4. What a sweet sweater! Love the edging and color. It is the kind of style that will survive trends and fads. Congrats to Diva Girl for her award. Although I agree with Donna. They work just as hard and are just as dedicated as the other sports teams that they cheer for.

  5. The bloero is adorable, and although the edging may have taken as much time as the rest of the sweater, it is worth it – that cute detail just makes it!

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