Inspiration Monday

So, what inspires me? Lately it’s all the leftover yarn that I accumulate from projects. It really is impossible to use it up in the original projects sometimes. So, what to do? Well, I usually end up knitting hats. Sometimes they evolve from the amount of leftovers I have.

Sometimes I am inspired to use colors together when there are small amounts. FairIsle, stripes, stranded, whatever the yardage allows. These grow out of a sudden urge to knit stranded designs. I truly get swept up in a fever to do colorwork now and then. I cannot resist that urge!!! I think colorwork is just maybe my favorite thing to knit. And hats are such a quick and easy way to give in to that urge.

Griffin's Hat Conor's Hat 2nd

Baby Hat Jaden's Hat 1

Connor's Eagle hat 2 Hoffher's Hat

And sometimes I do whatever just because.

nook case

And sometimes I just use the small bits of solid to make some small hats. Small amounts inspire preemie or newborn hats for one of the local hospitals. These can be knit quickly due to size. They fill my need for instant FOs when I am slogging through a long knit.

Girl Red Boy Red Kitten hat Flower added Newborn

Whatever my fancy, I try to come up with things that will use up those pesky little leftover balls of not enough to do anything with! And now I am thinking, just grab some of those leftovers and make felted clogs of all kinds of colors and stripes. Whether I halve all of the balls and then knit them in matching, or just pick random as I knit, I know I have more than enough to make a few pairs. Anything to get those 4 drawers* of leftovers out of my house.

I actually don’t have 90% of them counted in my stash. Since most have no ball bands, I am horrible about keeping ball bands with the leftovers, I have no idea of their original yardage to even figure out what’s there. I know I can do a burn test or a test felt to determine what’s wool and what’s not, although I rarely buy non-wool so it’s actually fairly easy to figure out.

So, do your leftovers inspire you? And if so, what do you do with them? Join in with Inspiration Monday and tell us all about it.

*Lest you think I have thousands of yards of leftovers, the drawers are shallow Iris Cart drawers. And My OCD demands they are separated into color themes. Purples/Pinks, Blues/Grays, Greens/Browns, and then White to Reds.


5 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday

  1. I agree, sounds like a great knit a long! So far I tend to keep my leftovers for random uses. My kids like to use them for art projects, I use them for strips or for pompoms or other things. I have a huge bin of acrylic that are leftovers from custom orders that I use for seasonal wreaths for my front door, lol!

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