Sometimes, you just have to look in odd places

I posted some photos of yarn that I will be using for a baby blanket one day. When I first looked at the Ella Rae Classic Superwash, at one of my local shops, I thought I found the perfect combo. My niece requested pink, gray, and turquoise for the blanket. I showed her two options, one with a lighter gray and one with a darker gray. She picked the one with the lighter gray. Perfect! Except, I had picked up a chunky pink, not a worsted! When I went to change out the pinks, there was no worsted in the same color. There were darker pinks, but nothing pastel, which were the range of the gray and turquoise I had.


So I bought the lighter of the darker pinks, which is really red violet, and thought it done. But I worried it would not work. And looked online, but it’s so hard to tell just what the tone is from the computer monitor. And I really didn’t want to have to order one skein online and pay for shipping! I knew I had time to find a replacement since the baby isn’t due until July. So I put it out of my mind and proceeded with other things. Except it would have been the perfect knitting to take along since it was simple St and garter st in a chevron pattern.

The other day as I came from the kitchen area of the shop we knit in, I saw the backside of the Ella Rae bins, they are in glass shelving. And there on the bottom row at the very back of the cubby was a lone Pastel Pink skein!!! OK, so it wasn’t really an odd place, more of a “I can’t get down on my hands and knees to see at the back of the lowest cubby” place. A place I wasn’t even thinking of looking since the pinks in that cubby were not the right shades.

See how perfect it is?

Ella Rae C


Aren’t they just the most precious colors? Perfect for the babe and this pattern. Since I am only using 3 colors I am going to do 3 sets of pink and turq colors on the gray. Spaced out at both ends and then in the center. I think. Just need to work out the row counts so I have a plan. I thought of doing p, t, p at one end and then t, p, t at the other, so who knows what I will end up with. I may see how much yarn is left after the first end and determine my plan of action from there. Now to remember to weigh the yarn as I go.

Have you had the same kind of experience with your yarn hunting? That perfect color, or that save the day skein? I wish I had more of them, it’s usually me having to find a good sub to finish off the project!

And just for kicks, my girls when they were about 16 months and 2 1/2. Just love this pic! Sorry for the grainy look, I took a pic of a pic!


Diva Girl on left and College Girl on right


3 thoughts on “Sometimes, you just have to look in odd places

  1. Lovely colors! So glad you found the perfect pink. Usually I do my yarn shopping online as there aren’t that many yarn shops close to me. One has extremely expensive yarns and the other involves a trip to NYC and their yarns are often very splitty, loosely plied and have knots. The baby picture looks great. What precious memories!

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