WIP’ing through Wednesday

Last night saw a return to knitting after a break of 2 days. I have been laying off due to wrist twinges. Of course, the wrist doesn’t hurt while knitting, it’s the other things I am forced to do, like clean up, cook, laundry, etc, that caused the pain. Maybe I should stop doing that stuff?

I wish I could say that the shawl is close to done, but not. I still have 1 section to do before the decreases start. I doubt this gets done this week. Not unless a marathon knitting session takes place. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a Netflix series to watch since I finished Poirot and went through the few Det Allen series. I did start Rosemary and Thyme, so maybe I will get back to that. I tend to want quiet, so who knows what I will do. But today is knitting so I know at least a few rows will be knit. There seems to be more talking than knitting most days.

Not sure what good it is to show these bad photos, but here is a set to show color.

dark not shawl

 dark shawl

I wish the IPhones took a better non-flash shot. No, the center of my shawl is not a brighter color as the bottom photo seems to show. The flash shot on the top photo is a bit brighter in tone than the true color, but is spot on with the presence of green and navy. These skeins were purchased in Maine last summer as a souvenir of our trip. I thought the colors would remind me of the colors of the water and landscape at the house we rented. Oh how I wish to be back there. Oh how I wish to be eating lobsters just about every night!!!

And just because, photos of my favorite dogs and their silliness!

Cooper playing hide and seek
Cooper playing hide and seek
Sideways sleeper
Freshly bathed!

OK, you know the usual suspects, Tami’s Amis has the line up of these shifty characters! Who knows what they are up to today. You better keep a close eye on them.


3 thoughts on “WIP’ing through Wednesday

  1. Look at those gorgeous dogs!

    Holiday yarns are the best. I’m working on a camisole in yarn I bought while on holiday in Brazil, and the thought of wearing it while I’m stuck in rainy England is really inspiring me 🙂

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