Need a little help!

I can’t figure out which shawl to start next. I have perused all the patterns in my library and saved in my favorites. I have tried to match yarn to pattern. I have ignored the already queued up patterns and yarn. I have changed my mind about the queued up patterns and yarn. I am in a funk! I am likely over thinking it too much, but I either have variedgated yarn that isn’t right for the pattern, or solid yarn that isn’t the right weight for the pattern, or too many choices for the pattern!!! Having just finished the Autumn Blush and experienced how much I like the drape, I am so tempted to cast on another. But I was so frustrated trying to knit the durn thing, and there are mistakes to show, that I just don’t think I can face another.

Malabrigo on left Fleece Artist on right

So, help me decide. Which yarn? And after that, any suggestions on a pattern that highlights the variegation of the choice you made? I have 880 yds of the Malabrigo in Turner, definitely will have to switch off skeins as I knit since the olives and blues are not the same between the skeins. The wound skein is lighter. But they were the only two skeins in the shop when I bought it. The other is Fleece Artist Basic Sock Merino at 349 yds, so not a lot to work with there. But, I do have a skein of FABSM in a darker colorway that complements the Indian Summer, so I could just use those two skeins in tandem to make a shawl at 700 yds.

What shawls have you finished lately that you enjoyed knitting? I prefer the crescents and half pi shawls over the triangles. The former just seem to drape and arrange themselves better than the latter. I know the colors aren’t very springy, I do have some in the stash that are better for spring, but these are the ones I am drawn to work with right now. My only other thought is to use some Alpaca in a DK to make French Cancan, but I have too much yardage for the pattern, so I hate to have leftover. But then again, I could use the leftover Alpaca to make mittens or a cowl. Hmm, maybe I have answered my own dilemma?


11 thoughts on “Need a little help!

  1. Late to the party, but I rather like the colors in the Fleece Artist rather than the Malabrigo. Didn’t you just make something from some wildly variegated yarn that you didn’t like? I’m mostly using tonal yarns these days, since I’m not wild about pooling… JMHO

  2. I’m always partial to orange tones so, of course, I’m going to pick the Fleece Artist yarn. As for patterns. I’ve been on a side to side shawl kick. These are a few I’m considering in the near future. They would look lovely with either yarn.

    and finally, this one is written by a friend that lives right here in Michigan. She is an amazing fiber artist and pattern writer.

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