Inspiration Monday


Wish I could say I have all kinds of inspiration going on here, but I would be lying. Feeling kind of overwhelmed with it all right now. Too many things I want to start knitting, too many things I have going already, and not enough dedication to knit 24/7! Last Thursday plea for help in choosing a shawl pattern only gave me numerous more shawl patterns to bookmark!  But I do think I have a plan. I am thinking to take both colorways of the Fleece Artist Basic Sock and use them for Sunday Sunrise. Now, they won’t stripe like the original, but the colors are definitely sunrise-y colors, so I’ll give it go.

But I guess I should take heart from the progress made on my March goals:

1. Finish a UFO, I mean it! Will debut that FO on Friday.
2. Work on that sweater. Very little done on this goal. 
3. Finish Autumn Blush and cast on another shawl, maybe get my niece to decide on yarn and color for her wedding shawl, date is May 17th. Next shawl picked out, see above, just not cast on. 
4. Continue to knit down stash, but allow for baby blanket yarn purchase for July great niece #2. Yarn purchased, but stash not depleting very quickly! 
5. Decide what sweater pattern to use for great niece #1 and get it going. Done and Done!

As you can see, I guess I should be taking some inspiration on keeping to the March goals. I am not usually good at playing along. Now to pick up the pace where I’ve been slacking.

So, on you go, maybe you will find some real inspiration at Christine’s?


2 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday

  1. I know how you feel! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your daughter will love Logan. It is beautiful. Drive up Logan Canyon to Bear Lake. It is breathtaking. I can’t think of any other helpful tips though. If you haven’t visited, go to temple square in Salt Lake. Our visitor really enjoyed that as do most tourists that come through.

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