Thursday Turmoil

So, ya know the Fleece Artist yarns I am trying to use to make a shawl.

yarn for Sunrise
Yeah, this yarn

Well, I tried to use it in alternating rows to blend the two together. Only, they don’t blend so well. The purple creates distinct, but subtle, stripes. Of course, it could be due to the small cast on I did for the test, or not. And, the pattern wasn’t popping in the variegated. So, back to the drawing board.

Fleece Artist
See, not working for me

Soooo, I went back to looking for shawls that use 349 yds of yarn. And found many that used 400 yds. Pooh! And then I narrowed my search to 300 yds. And this popped up.  Just over what I have in yardage, but maybe totally doable. So I studied it and thought. Maybe I could introduce the darker skein after a YO row and then finish off with it on the ribbed ruffle. Yeah, that might work. And then I thought, or maybe I could start from the beginning switching off the colors after the YO rows. So, I think that’s what I will try. It will create a striped effect, but the YO rows will dilute the color change. Maybe. But to be sure I will use a test, added to the test above, to prove out my theory. If it works it’s a win-win since I will get a larger shawl and then not have to worry about what to use a 350 yd skein for! I was almost ready to look for cowls at this point.

In sweater knitting news I have a sleeve!!!

Sleeve Collins
Lest you think I have gorilla arms, the bottom 2″ ribbing is a turned back cuff.

Sorry for the flash photo, dark outside, brown sleeve, what can you do? The yarn is Paton’s Classic Merino with flecks of orange, gold, and chartreuse. All my favs! I have had this yarn for ages! Well, maybe not that long. It tried to be a sweater of another pattern, but I was having to do too much recalculating to get the gauge to work. This is much better. Will start a front as soon as I print out the chart. They are sideways in the PDF, so I can’t read them on my Mac or IPhone. To be honest, I would likely not even be able to see the symbols on my IPhone!! LOL. Thinking I might get a Samsung when my time is up on this phone. Have you seen the size of their screens! But I am letting my sister and baby brother test them out first. I’m not just a hat rack!

OK, time to get back to something. Nothing planned for the entire day. I can do whatever I want. Or, whatever the dogs allow. As long as they are fed on a regular schedule they let me do whatever I want. Good doggies.

So, what patterns have you stymied or stewing? I am hoping I am finally past that, or I may just give up trying to use these yarns for a shawl pattern!


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