March Recap/April Goals

First the recap!

March totals:
Knit: 1363 yards 6 skeins
Purchased: 1314 yards 6 skeins
Difference: 49 less yards and 0 more skeins in stash. Barely eked by.

YTD totals:
Knit: 5127 yards 24 skeins
Donated: 114 yards and 1 skein
Purchased: 2628 yards 12 skeins
Difference: 2499 less yards and 12 less skeins in stash!!!

Personal cost: As promised, I bought yarn for my great-niece’s baby blanket.

March purchases: $89.67 for yarn and patterns. I purchased almost as many patterns as skeins! Too many lovely shawl patterns floating about.

YTD: $198.65 That’s an average of $66.00 a month! At this rate I will be over last year’s expenditures on yarn!

OK, now the FO Collage.


I finished 4 items this month. 1 was a shawl that I basically knit 1.5 times. When you rip back to halfway and then reknit, it keeps you from progressing. Who knew? But it is done and I was able to wear it a few times, considering we are still having WINTER weather! Maybe I shouldn’t have named it Waning Winter. I was hoping Winter WAS waning, but it turned out to be not waning at all. Oh well, the longer I can wear my hand knits, the better. I carry 4 UFOs over into April, a long stalled Cable Shawl, the Collins Sweater, the baby blanket, and the new shawl, Sunset.

Now, for the March Goal checklist:
1. Finish a UFO, I mean it!     Done!
2. Work on that sweater.        So So
3. Finish Autumn Blush         Done!
4. Knit down stash, but allow for blanket yarn purchase for great niece #2. So So
5. Decide what sweater pattern to use for great niece #1 and get it going.  Done!
6. Decide and start next shawl.      Done!
7. Get Niece to decide on her wedding shawl pattern and buy yarn.  Almost

Not too bad.

April Goals:
1. Work on that sweater!
2. Finish baby blanket.
3. Work on a charity hat session, 1-3 hats finished and donated.
4. Work on Cable Shawl, doing at least 1 repeat of the cable pattern.
5. Work on Sunset Shawl.
6. Buy yarn for Niece’s Wedding Shawl and start the shawl. Deadline-May 17th

That seems doable. But if the weather warms up, who knows. Not that I believe it will. Now off to get all the things knit!


3 thoughts on “March Recap/April Goals

  1. You are doing good! My spending is more than yours so don’t feel bad. The items you did finish turned out lovely and I’m sure you’ll get more finished this month.

    OH! I was going to tell you, there seems to be issues with some of your posts, I have had three lately that I tried to open and when the page popped up it said page not found.

    Have a great week!

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