Fiber Friday

No FO to showcase this week. When you aren’t monogamous in your knitting it takes longer to produce FOs! I need to stop being such a loose woman. Letting all those temptations lure me into illicit relationships. Oh well, variety IS the spice of life, even if it kills productivity.

Progress is more on the shawl and sweater than the baby blanket. Haven’t touched the blanket since Tuesday, even though I have been home and able to work on it. The shawl has been the go to at home. And then stupid me thought I should work on the sweater while at knitting Wednesday. Ack! This is what resulted from that stupidity.

Mis-crossed cables in two spots
“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise knitting while talking”

Oh well, it wasn’t that much knitting to undo. And thanks to the Knitter’s Pride Interchangeables I didn’t have to use the knitting needle to redo the cabled section. Just switch out the needle tips and put them on a new cable and it’s all contained. Love my KP’s!!! I have also started buying the Nova Metal tips to use when I want lightning quick knitting. And that’s what we have had the last few days. Lightning!! I love it, especially at night when it lights up the sky. But the Big Dog doesn’t care for the noise that follows. He has been hiding under blankets and on his bed, which is tucked between a corner and our night stand. I should have put a blanket over his kennel to make a cave. Poor thing, he never used to notice.

Now, off you go to see what other’s are getting done this week.

Wisdom Begins in Wonder
Natural Suburbia


4 thoughts on “Fiber Friday

  1. Look at you! Tearing back the cables. I still don’t seem to read cable patterns right. I don’t know what I’m doing but they are never successful. Grrrrr I also find that talking a knitting is never a good mix. I take my drop spindle with me as a back up.

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