Monday Inspiration

It’s kind of a repeat from last Monday, and then sort of a review. My new project bag came!!!! Isn’t it awesome! I just love the fabric combo.

  bag mine Bag knitting

This bag was the one I won from her giveaway, Thank you Wanda!!! I adore these fabrics! Hard to detect are the yellow dots in the leaf fabric. The yellow fabric has a tone on tone design. When the light is shining on the outside it creates a color design on the white portions of the lining. It’s magical! Now, if my WIPs came out of it as FOs it would be even MORE magical!!!

And a 2nd bag was ordered for Diva Girl to use for all her girlie things, but don’t tell her, it’s for Easter. OMG! The fabrics!! I plan to fill it with candy. Not sure what I will do for College Girl yet. May need to check to see if she plans to come home that weekend. I am sure she would LOVE tickets to a Cardinals game. But that’s a bit pricey for an Easter gift. LOL!

Bags together Bag turq

Both bags are the medium size and measure about 11″Hx9″Wx3″D. The dimensions make for a shallow depth but a very good height. As a knitter I would have liked to have more depth, a square rather than a rectangular. But I am sure Wanda would be open to altering the dimensions on a special request. I tend to like bags where my yarn cake will sit flat in the bottom. The size is more than enough for the yarn and WIP, but I just prefer squared bottoms. One feature that I love is the ribbon loop!!! Both bags are hanging on my armoire by their loops. I can see the small project bag hanging from a belt and being able to knit while walking, or to help keep the bag with you while sitting. With the laundry bag size the loop is perfect for hanging from a door knob or wall hook. The drawstring ribbons are more than long enough to allow the bag to hang from your arm or wrist.

Re-Inventing Mother has such a wonderful sense of fabrics and colors. Um, have I mentioned that already? Well, it’s true! All her bags are just stunning in their trio of colors. I am so done if she ever uses a chartreuse combo!! Hmm, maybe I need to buy a small project bag? Or maybe this has inspired me to drag out that clunky machine and make some of my own? Um, yeah, not so much. But I do want a bunch so I can put all the knit things in them!

Now, if you need to be inspired, hop over to her announcement blog where she debuts her color schemes and then on to Etsy to place a custom order or to see her posted bags.

Oh, and this. Isn’t it just too cute!

Now, check out Christine’s blog to see what has others inspired today.


6 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration

  1. What pretty bags. I can’t buy any for a while. My collection is out of control! You got me thinking about what to get my college daughter for Easter. Hmm….

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