Inspiration Monday

Hmm, what’s inspiring me today? Bunnies and Elephants!!

But first let me explain why this is such a surprising thing. Years ago we had a knitting friend who was diagnosed with lung cancer. As time went by it was obvious that she would never recover. Unfortunately she had purchased some kits from Knit Picks to make the girl and boy monkeys and the outfits for her 2 grand-daughters. She didn’t get far. As a knit group we decided to offer to finish these projects for her. During this time they found out a 3rd grand-daughters was due. So we took the kits and divided up the knitting so we could make 3 monkeys with girl outfits. I made one of the monkeys. And quickly learned that I HATE making stuffed animals. REALLY hate it. But we were happy to be able to give the little ones something to remember their grandmother’s love.

Imagine my surprise that I want to knit these, these, things! But “these” little things are too cute and seem to be much less work than those monkeys. I hope. LOL! And, these are for my great-nephew and his July due baby sister. So, it’s family. You do for family!

The GNTB will get the elephant since her baby blanket is being knit in gray Ella Rae Superwash. I might even include the other colors if I get creative enough. Maybe one turquoise ear and one pink ear? The GN will get the bunny for his Easter gift.

Another thing that is inspiration this week is taking two shawl patterns and making one! I have done this before using Swallowtail and Ishbel. The plan was to cast on for Dragonfly Wings while on a trip to St Louis for the day on Sunday*. But, I no longer prefer triangular knit shawls, so I decided that Citron had a similar stitch count after one of the increase sections. I have eliminated the ruched sections that make Citron such a lovely shawl since it doesn’t work for this project. Once I get to that magic number I will start the lace and fingers crossed I have enough yarn to finish! I just decided I didn’t like the casting on of sts for the Dragonfly Wings that need to be done to get the width. It just seems odd to me. But I like the lace portion, so I will commence with the lace omitting the center point. It will be more like Cladonia, without the color change.


That’s what I love so much about knitting. That you can make it your own. You can change what you don’t like with minimal effort to get the look you are going for. I would never be able to do that with sewing.

Now I will leave you with a photo of my excursion on Sunday.

St Louis Day

*Cards won, I had my knitting with me, and we were wined and dined in a stadium box, what more could a girl need!


7 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday

  1. I know what you mean about the toys. They suck you in with the cuteness and the knitting can be complete hell. I knit one turtle and I think I’m done, forever. I’ll enjoy watching you knit yours though:)

  2. I love knitting at the baseball game! It’s still a bit too chilly here for it yet, but next month you will find me at the ball field, knitting in hand. I love how you are combining two patterns. Genius idea!

  3. Cute choice of bunnies and elephants. I try to knit at least one toy a year in order to practice my finishing skills. They are fiddly but fun to make. Love your plans for the shawl.

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