Mid April Review

Just a check to see if I am staying on track with my goals. And they are:

1. Work on that sweater!  Update: A little bit has been done on the front.
2. Finish baby blanket.  Update: Not yet, and haven’t even picked it up this month.
3. Work on a charity hat session, 1-3 hats finished and donated.  Update: Not one hat knit this month!
4. Work on Cable Shawl, doing at least 1 repeat of the cable pattern.  Update: Fail again.
5. Work on Sunset Shawl.  Update : Success!!! Finished and blocking.
6. Buy yarn for Niece’s Wedding Shawl and start the shawl. Deadline-May 17th  Update: Success in purchase, just cast on last night.

Stash Confession:

461 yards and 1 skein knit up
492 yards and 1 skein bought
Difference: 31 yards and 0 skeins more in the stash.

If I continue with the monthly goals, and not buy anymore yarn, I will quickly turn that figure to a negative. Which won’t be hard to do since all the current projects are from stash I have had a long time or something I bought since the first of the year. All the projects I have planned this month are using up yarn I already have. For the year, I have 29 items in the queue that I have the yarn for, the other 10 will take a back seat until I find yarn at a good price to use for them. Or until I change my mind about doing the project, which happens all too often. LOL!

So far I guess I can check off 3 as accomplished and 3 not even close. I guess that’s not bad considering I still have half of the month to go. With the Sunset Shawl, aka Demiluna, out of the way I can focus on the 3 items I haven’t done so far this month and get that Wedding Shawl started. I think giving myself 1 month to knit the shawl is good. The last shawl only took 19 days, but it was about 100 yards less in size, so hoping that extra needed for Quilla doesn’t take me too much longer to knit!

4Quilla4Photo from Susanna IC website

Now off to do something productive. I hope your day is finding you immersed in the things you love!



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