I so suck!!!

Really. From now on I am not even going to update my progress and say things like, “If I continue with the monthly goals, and not buy anymore yarn, I will quickly turn that figure to a negative.” It’s like me jinxing our local weather by putting my winter coat in the hall closet, it usually hangs by the garage door. I did that this weekend, the weather was 40 degrees yesterday! Oh, and I finished a shawl this week, so of course I needed cool weather today to wear it to show my knitting group. It’s 52 today. See, it’s me and my big mouth and actions that cause my downfall. And boy did I fall. I also said I wouldn’t buy yarn for any of my listed projects unless I found a really good price on it. I guess the joke’s on me, I don’t even have a project marked for these yarns! Face meet pavement.

So, at our weekly knitting group I sit in a comfy chair facing a wall. A wall full of wire framed cubbies holding discounted yarn. Big mistake. This week I noticed some new yarn living in the cubbies. So of course I had to check it out. Good thing there wasn’t a lot more of the yarn in sweater quantities, cause there were tons I was interested in. Still thinking about that Ultra Alpaca worsted, even if it is a color I am not that crazy about. But, anywho.

This is what came home with me.

Vintage yarns

9 skeins of Berroco Vintage! Just the most perfect yarn for kid friendly knitting. there’s 651 yarns for each color, so who knows what all I can make with it. For sure some vest for 2 little guys I know. And sweaters for my great-nephews. And, and, and!!! A bunch of hats for sure. Now, how much do you think I paid for all this loveliness? Good quess, but not even close.

Last week I bought one skein of Heritage Sock yarn for my niece’s wedding shawl. At 492 yards it was $19.26 after tax. This week I bought 9 skeins with 1953 yards for …..&26.96!!!! 60% off baby! See, I couldn’t pass it up. And if the purplish burgundy is still there next week, it just might have to come home with me. I think they have all the Berroco clearanced. How will I resist until it is all gone?

So now you know my shame. I am a sucker for discounts. it does no good to show Hubster how much I saved, he will only remind me it was so much I didn’t NEED! LOL.

I am thinking this sweater will be the first piece from these yarns. Thinking to use them just as I have them stacked. Oh the fun I can have with these colors! This is one of my favorite combos for boys. Just amazed they had these three colors still hanging around. I have used the olive Vintage for several hats and a sweater. It knits up well and is easy care. Perfect for the little guys in my life.

OK, next month, I promise!! I will not buy more yarn, I will not buy more yarn, I will sit in a different chair!!!


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